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Often found travelling, or in art galleries, watching obscure films, making home-made pasta, or accidentally burning the popcorn. I roughly identify as an artist, film-maker & writer, with a leaning towards social and political issues. 

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So that's the 'formal' about bit done with.


I'm Catriona, or Trina or really whatever you like as long as it's not Catty.

I hope you find some of the things on here interesting.

I like art and philosophy and films and politics and food and travelling - so most of the stuff on here will be about those things, although I will occasionally write about things that border on kitsch.

This blog covers anything from Swedish indie music, to how to make pasta; from Wittgenstein, to film reviews; from travel guides to lifestyle ideas.

A few facts:

- My father is Irish (from around Limerick) , my mother is from Aberdeen in Scotland and I grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland.

- I usually think in colours.

- If you are into this sort of thing - I am an ENFP; an Enneagram type 4 (4w3); a Leo, with a moon in Capricorn, and a Scorpio rising/moon; a Blue on the colorcode; probably a Gryffindor, but I reckon I probably went to Beauxbatons...

- Coffee can usually be used as a bribe to get me to go anywhere.

- I want to be more 'outdoors-y' ( but often get put off by the rain and want to cuddle indoors with a book).

- I play the clarsach (a small celtic harp).

- I am a strong human rights activist and keen politics follower (also my parents met at Amnesty International, which I think is quite cool).

- I am partly named after the novel 'Catriona' which was Robert Louis Stevensons' follow-up to 'Kidnapped'. (He's also the guy who wrote 'Treasure Island'.)
In 'Catriona' - she travels to the Netherlands, which I only discovered after I started living in the Netherlands. In a strange twist of fate, I also found out at one point when I was working at the Edinburgh Printmakers Studio - that one of the printing presses there, was the one used to print the first edition of 'Treasure Island'.

- I want to learn as many languages as possible. Right now I want to learn Icelandic.

- I often need a cup of tea and a Harry Potter audio-book read by Stephen Fry to get me to sleep at night.

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