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After a wistful flick through a lonely planet guide (in Italian, don't ask...) , my already large appetite for travel seemed to be even more enhanced - a cramped feeling, a need to stretch my legs and run off into the sunset.

Especially after a particularly exhausting bout of exams and papers, a little bit of dream-escapism is what's needed.

Places I would like to go (either to re-visit or to see for the first time):

Cities/Places in Europe
Barcelona - architecture, woody allen pilgrimage(trailer for Vicky Cristina Barcelona), food, catalan culture
Lisbon - trams, art, culture Nice article about Lisbon here and I would like to go to Bairro Alto and some other places mentioned here
Milan - shopping and cafes (embarassingly I am slightly inspired by The Blonde Salad in Milan a bit...)
Rome - shopping, art, beautiful churches etc 
Naples - for the pizza mostly Pictures of the Best Pizzas in Napoli and a List of Finalists
Moscow - ballet & arts (Moscow Ballet )
St Petersburg - architechture
Stockholm - for general being a hipster http://hipstersguidetostockholm.com/ , music http://swedesplease.net/ and the cool neighbourhoods
Helsinki - history, hipsterness, listening to Finnish Here's an article as to why the Finnish Language is cool
Copenhagen - Beautiful city (also because of Borgen
Istanbul - culture culture culture!
Budapest - culture culture and music and culture
London - chelsea, shoreditch, artsy things, galleries, vintage markets Types of hipster you encounter in london
Greece - islands, sun, beaches, history
Sicily - sun, landscape, sun....more sun
Albania/Kosovo/Serbia/Croatia - recent history, language, politics, landscape, music festivals (Exit Festival and Electric Elephant Festival)
Iceland - volcanoes, music ( Iceland Airwaves Festival )  and the language
Greenland - the language and the tiny university (and of course the landscape)

Cities/places outwith Europe that I want to go to:
New York ( My Idol Alexa Chung chatting about New York )
Tokyo + Osaka
Korea (yes, South AND North. yep, you heard me.) Political Tours to North Korea
Morocco (I want to do the whole camel thing) How to Ride a Camel
Amazon/ South America in General
Egypt (but maybe not right now)
Caribbean Islands
(but I need more information on the good places to go for these places)

Oh and here's a link to my pin board of places I would like to go .

Anyone with any tips/ideas of where to go, cool festivals or interesting art things etc, or if you have been to any of the places mentioned above - don't hesitate to comment or get in touch! 
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