New Music Discoveries

Exams = procrastination and new music discoveries.

Here is a selection of mine.

(I am totally obsessed with - been finding alot of new nice stuff on there)

Mirror - Michael Imperial

Because It's Wrong - Digits

Afterthoughts and Aftershocks - Small Sails
(I really love this song but could only find the live version which really isn't so great :( )

Sommergewitter - Flofilz

England - Kid North

Trees - CRTZ

(for some reason it would not let me embed this song/video - but it's on this link)

I Truly Love (Marlon Hoffstadt Edit) - Selah Sue


Une Americane a Paris - Rupa & The April Fishes
(a bit of a different style to the previous songs)

Sol Clap - Quantic
(just wait until 0:50 - I love it)

for a bunch of music that I like in general visit I Like This Music

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