Sustainable Products / Projects / Ideas

This year I am going to try to:

-Be more healthy (look after myself properly and get back into dance/swim&sauna/berries!)
-Start playing music again
-Travel more
-Get more in touch with nature
-Get more in touch with my 'inner-self' - whatever that is -  (through yoga/meditation)

(Me on the right, taking an evening break by the fjord while working on an organic farm/ outdoor centre in Norway with

There are also a few new brands/projects aiming to achieve similar goals:

(most of these are in the UK and the Netherlands, because that is where I spend most of my time...)

Forest Cafe Edinburgh

Love Foundation Maastricht

Noosa Amsterdam

Asos Green Room

Fashion Conscience

Bishopston Trading


Milagros Mundo

Fair and Fair 

Tradecraft Clothing

Mingface Amsterdam

Sukha Amsterdam

Vegan places in Amsterdam!

(You can read my Eco-clothing post on The Designer Index here)

My Current Obsessions:

Blueberry Jam
Oats (especially cheesy oatcakes from Nairns)
Eating Seasonally

Some little ideas for more sustainable, happy and peaceful living:

-Wrapping presents? - why not wrap them in recycled newspaper?
-Put a brick in your toilet ( Brick in toilet info and How To )
-Use natural ingredients as beauty products (will maybe write a post about this later)
-Wear a jumper or cuddle instead of putting up the heating (great for your heating bills and your conscience!)
-Make a mini vegetable patch 
-Recycle old clothes, or take them to a charity shop
-Take your time to eat, and try to make your food from scratch - it is healthier and can be a nice group activity! (Plus that way you know exactly what went into your meal).
-Take a breather. A few minutes each day to relax and reflect.

Peace out.

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