Post-Exam Adventures around London (Gallivanting I)



Warwick Avenue

Little Venice - a little parade of barge boats / house boats was going on - and there was even a cafe on one of the boats! It was a cute sort of family day out thing, and some really interesting people-watching. Oh and some of the boat people dressed up as gnomes, fishing over the side of their boats. Adorable.

Embankment / South Bank - so vibrant at the weekend!

Streets of Spain - a little series of food market stalls.



Oxford st

Primark. A traumatising experience. Never again will I venture into the Oxford St Primark on a weekend.

Marble Arch -> Oxford Circus -> Carnaby St

I bought the Big Issue from a man who told me that he would be the first homeless person to get a law degree (or was it the first homeless person to get a first in a law degree?) - anyway, I was impressed, he was lovely and my faith in humanity restored a little.

Pret a Manger - had an amazing passionfruit ice blendy smoothie thingamyjig. Can't remember its name.

Brandy Melville - my favourite shop of the moment.

Regent St



The Top Secret Comedy Club - Covent garden (Would highly recommend!)
We saw 'Shoot from the hip'

Harrow (trinity bar)



Natural History Museum

We also saw a huge cross-section of a sequoia tree, which was mind-bogglingly old. The museum had put labels on some of the tree rings, indicating the year and a brief contextual piece of information. Some of the inner rings were older than Buddhism itself.

This section was the escalator into the volcanic / natural disaster area.
There was music and lights and was certainly the most exciting escalator I have ever been on!

We then had a brief look around the Science museum, which had a particularly quirky shop, before heading to The Hummingbird bakery on Old Brompton Road

(As you can see, it was a rather rainy day)

Salted Caramel Cupcake:

Eton Mess Cupcake:

We then proceeded to go to the following destinations - whilst dodging the rain:


Piccadilly circus


Brandy melville / Carnaby street


Oxford circus



Kew Gardens




Virginia water


(Gallivanting part II is here)

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