There are so so so many updates to make.

I have not been blogging properly since forever (or maybe I never have), but I still need to blog about 2nd year university, Bosnia, Germany, politics, my family's new house in Edinburgh, my summer plans, things that I love, hair and skin products, art exhibitions, new music I like... the list goes on!

Not very sure where to start, but I felt like writing some little updates now, so I will.

I am currently typing this in my bed at 1.30am, and can't sleep - so I am going to write a little about my day.

Today I went to some art galleries as part of my 'Creative Digital Arts' course, which was really lovely.

I met the others at the train station, we chatted about uni on the train, and arrived at Waterloo in time to meet our teacher and grab a quick coffee at Pret a Manger (I got a caramel latte and a chocolate croissant).

We got the tube to Whitechapel, to go to the Whitechapel gallery. There were a bunch of different things on, including a few film installations about video games which dealt with existential questions, some slow film which was from a telescope (?) - it was in a circle, looking up at the sky anyway. Then a strange film making fun of advertisements. An exhibition on the Kibbo Kift Kindred - which was a left wing youth group, and were a precursor to Woodcraft Folk (which I have been involved with since I was 10), although these Kift people seem a bit more cult-ish. Then a sound / audio installation, and then some paintings on the 'Arab world'. 

We then got the tube again to Old Street in East London, and went to Victoria Miro & Parasol galleries. 
There were some interesting black and white photographs of cities, a strange outside installation with floating silver balls on the pond, then a film which was quite weird but had 6 (?) screens and dealt with some interesting ideas about space. 

Some of the things were interesting, some of the things I really didn't 'get'.

Then I went to Mile End to Queen Mary University of London to the student media conference.
I listened to a guy who now works for the Guardian talk about getting into journalism.
Then smoothie and a bite to eat at Starbucks (but mostly so that I could charge my phone), and then went to another exhibition at Somerset house (near Embankment) which was done up like a museum - except the objects related to a fictional character in a book. Complicated to explain.
We were there the other week to see Big Bang Data - which has been a really popular exhibition. I went with my friend Kate, who I met in Bosnia and who studies art, and it was lovely and we chatted for far too long in Le Pains Quotidian over tea.

Then home time for me, and chats with one of my housemates and lots of tea.

Tomorrow is going to be quite relaxed, and Friday I have documentary class.

Things going on in my life:

Discussions about university courses

Job hunting (need money!!)

Trying to pitch journalism articles

Trying to decide what to do about quitting or not quitting all of the things I am involved with.

Student media.

Trying to keep the sense of 'true self' that I got while in Bosnia, and Norway, and in moments in The Netherlands. I need to keep this soft and kind side of myself. I get quite harsh and competitive in London (  /Egham).

Thinking about how to do more exercise (I found the university dance team stressful)

Wondering whether it is worth buying Blu Tack to put more pictures on my university room walls

Thinking about summer (and trying to plan)

Thoughts about films I would like to make

Old friends getting back in touch. Me feeling a bit scared but also happy about it.

Thinking alot about the fact that really I only have 2 more months of 2nd year (February and March), and that I just have a presentation and a dissertation meeting or two in May

Wishing that I would spend more time painting and drawing - I would like to enter some art competitions

Also wishing I would cook more (especially pasta) and have friends over to eat it and drink red wine with some international music (I miss my friends that I used to do this with. Really really alot)

Pondering about love, life, relationships, people etc. Trying not to because  I go mad.

Wanting to learn more languages, and maintain/improve on the ones I know (a bit).

English teaching for refugees

Radio shows

Growing my hair

Avoiding doing laundry

Dreaming of summer 2016 and 2017, of graduation, of travelling, of working abroad, of masters programmes, of seeing my family again, and of having my own apartment with wooden floors, nice rugs (from Sarajevo?), lots of plants, a record player, good food (and maybe a dog) - see Pinterest for details.

Watching BBC's War & Peace, and Shetland. Want to watch that Deutschland thing too.

Reading Hjartesmil blog ALOT. (And trying to improve my Norwegian)

(It is now 02:14am).

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