Last week and next week

This past week has been really positive. A beacon of nice and lucky things after a massive blob of otherwise grey cloud-y sad and difficult things.

Here are the things:

Monday - Submitted my essay (wasn't good, but at least I submitted it), got a very civilized British Airways flight back from Edinburgh to London. (I usually fly with budget airlines but this time it actually worked out cheaper with BA).

This is what my mum gave to me while I was in Edinburgh. She knows me well.

Also while in Edinburgh - my niece made these really good florentines!

Here is a picture of a pretty house that I saw on my arrival to Egham. The light was nice but my phone didn't really convey that very well.

Tuesday - Had class, went out for dinner (well, to a burger place on campus), and went to a local pub quiz for the first time - and won! (except we were a big team so we only got like £5 each)

Here's a picture of the crazy huge building site which was my first sight on Tuesday morning.

This is a delivery I got on Tuesday of a leather key chain, a leather treatment thing and some book marks.

At the pub quiz:

Wednesday - Had a coffee day at the new Boilerhouse cafe which is super nice and pretty, and had my first meeting with my mentor from Whisper Films which was super helpful and nice.

Thursday - I worked for the University Vintage Fair and got paid and got some vintage things, including a new shirt which I am obsessed with and makes me feel like an arty girl boss.

Friday - Was amazing. I had a really nice coffee in the morning, had class which went OK, helped out on a film shoot in the afternoon which I got paid for and got offered future work (woohoo!), and then went into London to the Barbican to see Pedro Costa's film Horse Money (and I got mussels beforehand for dinner) and the talk from Pedro Costa afterwards was so inspiring. I wrote to a Dutch girl on Instagram (in Dutch) and I was shocked at how much Dutch I still remember. It was so nice, like rediscovering a part of myself. On the way home I got chatting to some randoms beside me who it turned out went to the same uni, so when we arrived in Egham, they offered me a lift in their Uber - which saved me the long epic walk up the hill. A really lucky day.

Saturday - Wasn't so fab. I slept in alot (probably because I over-did it on Friday), and missed the other Pedro Costa talk that I wanted to go to. Anyway, I had a nice brunch and bumped into a friend, and then just relaxed and slept and watched TV series.

Sunday - I decided to go into Egham and work a little in Costa Coffee, I went to a few charity shops and got a few things that I needed, and other things that I didn't [need].

Next week (exciting plans):

Monday - I hope to go into London to work on my documentary film and maybe go to some art galleries

Tuesday - I have some admin things to do, a careers event, class in the afternoon, and working on that (paid ££!) student feedback panel in the evening. Possibly heading to the pub quiz again (I hope!).

Wednesday - I am working on a film project with BFI and Rambert Dance Company in London, and then meeting an old school friend, and then going to a talk by the Student Publication Association (SPA) on Fake News. 

Thursday - Still working on the Rambert film project, but this time in Brighton! I've never been and am really excited to see what it is like! In the evening if I am back to Egham in time, I am keen to go to a careers-in-writing talk in the evening. There's also a gig happening in the house of a girl I know so I might head there. 

Friday - Class or Rambert. Possibly the new shisha bar in Egham. Maybe out somewhere else?

Saturday - I am hoping to go to The Breakfast Club in London. Otherwise I might go to the National Student TV Association (NaSTA) Southern Conference. In the evening there is the Royal Holloway Student's Union Societies Ball and I am really excited to wear my new dress. 

Sunday - Hopefully some documentary filming if I am not too hungover. There's a women's march at midday which looks good too. I still want to do a day trip to Oxford - so maybe I could do that. 

Any suggestions let me know.

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