Autumn begins...

So somehow Autumn seems to have arrived.

I am not quite sure how Summer has disappeared so quickly, or really where it went.

Usually I am filled with dread at the prospect of Autumn and Winter, as I always find myself getting very down with the shorter days, lack of sunlight, and the general cold temperatures.

However this year I feel strangely welcoming towards Autumn. I am keen to go for walks in the leaves, take photographs of that very specific Autumnal dappled light through the trees, and wrap up in nice quality cosy jackets and boots.

My sister and mum went berry picking (unfortunately I had to work), and got a wonderful selection of elderberries and rosehips. My sister then made them into the most delicious jams and I am thinking I will have some rosehip jam on toast with tea after writing this post.

My new job is making films and online content for the Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland, and I have been learning so much about farming life which I didn't know. It has been making me feel strangely connected to the land.

Last Friday I went to a farm to film, and I was learning about how it has been a particularly difficult and late harvest this year. In the afternoon the low sun came out and cast the most gorgeous light across the fields.

Tonight I am off to a wine tasting, and at the weekend I plan on getting myself an Autumn/Winter jacket and pair of trusty boots (probably from Clarks).

Now it's time for me to get back to work, maybe look out the window a little (the Rowan trees are looking particularly gorgeous), and maybe have some of that wonderful berry jam.

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