St Boswells - The Mainstreet Trading Company

The Mainstreet Trading Company

Mainstreet, St Boswells, Scottish Borders.

A bookshop / cafe / deli / homestore.

(Just skip the annoying advert at the beginning)

Original video source here.

The Books I bought:

Understanding a Photograph - by John Berger
The Story of Philosophy : A History of Western Thought - by James Garvey & Jeremy Stangroom




These are things that I came across in the shop section, and are definitely going into my 'stuff i like' / wish list:

The Cake Cafe Bake Book

Magma Sketchbook

The Kinfolk Table Cookbook

Paella by Alberto Herraiz

I remember the previous time I was there, in the deli section, they were playing Fleet Foxes.

I think the song White Winter Hymnal goes best with the images.

But I have also been obsessed with Tiger Mountain Peasant Song and Blue Ridge Mountains.


Heart It


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