Home Again

I am home again.
So so happy to be back.
Edinburgh is the best, and my house is so calm.
My bed is comfy, the tea tastes right, everything smells familiar.
The TV is on, with programmes that I love - all of them getting more Christmassy by the day. 
I slept for 12 hours straight the first night I got back.
My parents make me feel at ease and most of my worries and stresses disappear.
I have all of my things around me, even stupid things like audio tapes of Harry Potter.
I feel safe and everything is what I know.
The accents are the same, the ways people understand things and think about the world - all make sense to me.
I can cook properly again, and radio 4 echoes around the house.
I can hear mumblings and chatterings of family members downstairs as I lie in my room, and it's comforting.
The sound of the Edinburgh buses and the cold, fresh winter air are just so exquisite.

In the days leading up to Christmas I plan to:
- Blog more
- Read
- Make Christnas cake / other Christmas food things
- Put on the Christmas CD
- Write articles
- Do some of the winter uni work ( a script and an essay) 
- See old friends 
- Get my hair done
- Make / buy cool Christmas presents
- Get a tree
- Do some arty photo projects in Edinburgh

Heart It



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