Jars: This years' achievements / New Years' wishes & resolutions


I wrote these on pieces of paper and put them into a jar.


Proactive about being in a difficult situation
Blog things
Happy moments
Learned a bit about photography
Wrote lots
Did some internships
Networked well
Made new foods
Tried new foods
Dealt with stressful situations
Learnt basic icelandic, and spanish. Improved my french a bit.
Made friends
Went to most classes
Started my own radio show
Did Summerhall TV interviews with famous authors and journalists
Did real journalism
Learned about film and tv
Learned some classics
Learned a bit more about other cultures
Read more
Organised everything for going back into education: finance / accomodation etc
Lived on my own again
Went to cool places in London
Started uni again
Got in Company magazine blog award finals
Met people at Edinburgh Fashion Week and got into exclusive events / scouted for jobs
Became stronger


No men
Be more relaxed
Dancing again
Harp and music again
Learn to DJ
Harp/Ballet exams
Folio art courses
See more family
Keep in touch with people
Learn languages
Take care of yourself
More water, more veg

[Pretentious melancholic ponderings]

Life is about family and true friends. Sometimes that love can span miles and time and so many obstacles, come in different forms in different ways. 
That person you connected with years ago probably does still remember you and think of you sometimes. And you probably will 'click' again. Maybe in the same way, maybe in a different way. Even just as an acknowledgement that you shared some time and life together at some point. 
Some of my closest friends live miles away, in different countries or continents even. Some I may not speak to for months on end, some I might see every few years, some I might message constantly, others I might occasionally skype. There are some friends that I don't even know if I will ever see them again, but that does not make them any less of a friend in my mind. We shared some life, some stories together. That will never be replaced.

This year was extremely interesting for me.
December 2013 I returned home to Edinburgh from the Netherlands in a bit of a mess. Mostly it was my head that was a mess.

The start of 2014 I began alot of new adventures. Photography classes and odd internships, writing and family time. Other more personal things. I travelled, I visited friends, I saw new places and learned new languages. I tried  new foods, I found out alot of things about myself, other things became lost and confused. 
I went to the Edinburgh fashion festival and the exclusive WeCrave event.

I went to Iceland with my family and saw them so happy that it made me want to cry from happiness.

The girl my cousin is about to marry got pregnant and just had a beautiful baby boy.
Also discovered that another cousin of mine had a lovely baby girl around a month ago - with my middle name as her first name!

I worked at the Edinburgh Film Festival and met some amazing actors and directors. (Noel Clarke)
I interviewed some talented authors for Summerhall TV at the Edinburgh Book Festival.  Including Tony Parsons and Polly Toynbee. 
I saw Owen Jones live, asked him a question publically and spoke to him after.
I saw Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows and had drinks in the rain under a covered 'German themed' bar near Bristo square.

Perhaps most importantly, I made the decision to start new things, to not be afraid. 

In September 2014 I moved to London, to live in a castle. I started to study film and met so many wonderful people.
I started my own radio show - The Arts Show - on Insanity Radio, I started working for the Independent newspaper (the i paper) and joined too many clubs and societies.

In October my uncle got married to the lady he has been with for longer than I can remember. It was so sweet and beautiful.

I visited the BBC, I partied in Chelsea with Made in Chelsea stars, I went to a pub quiz at Boris Johnsons' tennis club (don't ask - I am kindof ashamed of it), I went on a 10,000-strong student protest in London against fees and cuts / pro-free education. I gave a talk at uni on Lad Culture and feminism across cultures, as well as giving a talk on Maastricht. 
I got an upper first in my first television studio project.
I saw all the big shopping places in London, saw some old friends and some new in London (Leah, Jon, Lindsay, Lauren).
I went to the Tate, the V&A, drank in Parsons Green, went to GAY and Pacha and Ping and Tiger Tiger London. 
I got published with The Independent, made short films, organised a whole battle of the bands gig, guested on a topical politics radio show, went to see 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' from BBC Radio 4 live.
I made friends for life.
I improved my Australian accent, learned bits about Classics and the New Zealand Maori. I got progressively less blonde and was there for some friends in times of need.
I now write for the student magazine and have started to work out that 18 year olds really are miles away in terms of life experience.
I decided that I like olives and that it's ok to take care of myself.
I learned lots of French things and met people with very different up-bringings. 

I have experienced heartbreak this year (probably about 7 or 8 times. Maybe more. Once worse than the rest) and not for the first time. (Next year I hope that I don't repeat this).
I discovered Brandy Melville and lots of new music. 
I messaged people that I have been meaning to message for a long time.
I confronted my fears and met up with UCM (University College Maastricht, The Netherlands) people in London. Charlotte, Renee and Anne make me happy. 
People surprised me, and continue to surprise me. 
I watched many fantastic films, I had so many interesting discussions (especially with my dad). I met some fantastic dogs and weird cats.

I have had odd dreams and sad days, horrible panics and angry things.
But more than anything this year has been a step forward, one which I could not have done without certain people. You know who you are.

Heart It


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