Again, I have been pretty rubbish at regular blogs - but never-mind.

Here's a quick update:

It's Saturday, and quite sunny. Which is great.
After I write this I will probably call my parents, get dressed properly, and then go and try to film more of my documentary. Then if I have time, try to start on my essays.

This past while has been interesting - I might need to consult my diary to update all the updates that have happened.

Mostly the main things ( I think ) are:

I got a new job (actually, 2)

One of them is 'Senior Digital Engagement Ambassador' for my university (Royal Holloway University of London), which was actually quite a tough interview process.
I did a very long online application and an interview which consisted of me having to give quite a detailed presentation (I can link it here if you're interested - although alot of it wouldn't make sense because it would need my chat to go along with it).
Afterwards I genuinely thought I hadn't got it and just decided to stop thinking about it.
I got the call to say that I got the job the afternoon after my interview (and I was actually quite ill at this point), but I missed the call and just assumed it was some weird unknown caller (because they said at the interview that they would email me "tomorrow" [Friday], so I didn't expect a Thursday PM call). Then they called me again on Monday morning to tell me that I got it.

The other is 'Student Brand Manager' for NME magazine - which basically just consists of handing out copies of the magazine on campus and promoting it on social media.

This is great since my other job fell through (The Daily Touch - they wanted to give me the job of 'Campus Editor', but then found that they couldn't really afford to pay me (or anyone else). Which is a shame because I went all the way to Manchester for the interview), I have been working like a crazy lady to get a new job, and make sure that I have enough money to live on and maybe some extra for the summer.

I went to Edinburgh

My dad made me soup
We went to the beach at Gullane for a walk and then food afterwards at the pub
We watched lots of TV and had lovely chats

(Will post pictures once I have sorted out all of the pictures on my phone.)

Student activities

Societies Ball was at the end of February, and was quite a nice night, although I didn't win anything - I was nominated for two things. Nice (ish) food, too many drunk people, bit of a stressy night, but was nice to dress up.

We finished the first episode of a student TV thing that I have wanted to make for ages. It has some issues, but mostly I am happy with it.

I am a bit annoyed because there were the National Student Television Awards (NaSTAs) entries - and I wanted to submit this, but we ran out of time.

There are elections now for the next boards for the student activities/societies. I am not really sure what to do. The student TV people are struggling a bit to get people to run for the positions, and it is tempting to take the same position again, or a slightly different one. Although I am not really sure if maybe I have 'out-grown' it. I am just having a bit of FOMO and still want to be involved.
The student radio station is the same. Having before completely ruled out being on the board again, the main girl (only person?) running for station manager, asked me if I would think about running for assistant manager. Obviously I was super flattered, and it also made me realise that nobody else (as far as we know) is running for assistant. It is very tempting. Especially as it would not be as much work as manager, and the job description is quite flexible. But really I think I should only run if I know I can devote time to it. I have been considering running for some of the national media boards (well, mostly just considering NaSTA), and I will have the two jobs next year too, as well as my dissertation. I also wanted to do some more bits of work experience / internships / media stuff in London - because I am not really sure if I will live in London once I graduate - so I want to make the most of it.

Last night the new 'sabbatical officer' team (the full time positions at the student's union, for students that just graduated, which are elected and paid) was announced. I think it is the first time that all four of them are female (quite shocking given the history of the university being a feminist one).

I am really happy about that, and I am sure that they will be pretty good to work with next year. (If I stay involved with student activities).

I was thinking of running for the feminist society board, and getting more involved in the politics / left forum / sustainability societies. (I went to a really good talk by the Sustainability Society recently by Natalie Bennett - the leader of the Green party in the UK). But I need to pace myself.

Sorry for the complete stream of consciousness.

I am working on my final second year films

Documentary is a bit of a struggle at the moment. To be perfectly honest, I am procrastinating from doing it right this minute. I will try to get up and ready and go, once I have finished this blog post and called my parents.

Creative Digital Arts is a bit confusing at the moment, but I think we have an OK idea and we will get it a bit more sorted on Monday AM.

I will post both online when they are finished.

End of second year

I just chose my second year courses (although not totally satisfied) and I have around 2 weeks left of term before Easter.
After Easter I don't have any exams. Just one or two classes and an assessed presentation.
Next year (I think) I will be taking - Theory in the Autumn term: Political Cinema (and also my dissertation), theory in the Spring term: Transnational Cinema (although I wanted to take Geo Politics on Film in the Geography department as-well. I wish I could take more theory courses!!), and practice-wise Documentary (although I have made a request to take Transmedia because there is a new teacher who seems pretty cool).

There's probably other stuff but I can't think of it right now, so I will post it later when I do.

Things I am thinking about:

Uncertainty about housing next year

What I will do over Easter (I got an internship at an Icelandic magazine, but they want me for three months, and I don't really think I can do that + they don't pay much + Iceland is expensive)

Sun. I want to be in the sun again

Politics - I feel quite angry with the current government

Wondering often if I am going mad or not

Dreaming about clothes I would buy and adventures I would have with my first wages with my new job (s)

Looking at other people's blogs (still always these two gals - http://hjartesmil.com/ & https://www.youtube.com/user/chrissstttiiine)

Trying to decide about student media

Trying to think of a way to sort my skin out (it is such a mess at the moment)

That I have so many blog posts I want to write, but never seem to find the time to write them

Worrying about my documentary and other uni-related things

Worrying about relationships and old friendships

Worrying full stop.

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