The next weeks...

In April I will be writing alot more content with a focus.
Recipes, film reviews, recommendations - that sort of thing.
Less of the general update stream of consciousness things. 
(Although probably I will still do that too).

This week has been busy, and the next one will be too.

This week was:
Documentary making in Staines
Sunday in Hoxton/Columbia Road Flower Market/Shoreditch/Kings Cross/Central Saint Martins Art School/Notting hill/Kensington/Waterloo. (Pictures not uploaded to my computer yet. Check my Instagram)
Preparing my Creative Digital Arts Project
Presenting my Creative Digital Arts Project (I think it went ok? Will post it on Vimeo soon)
Dinner with the student TV people at Loch Fyne, Egham (I had mussels!)
Dinner and drinks with my pal Kate (who I met in Bosnia) at Giraffe Southbank, London + a pub on The Cut, Waterloo
and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember.

Next week will be:
Finishing my Documentary (it's on Dry Cleaners. I will post it on this blog and my Vimeo when it is done).
Having a break down about what to do in the Easter holidays (I have some ideas...)
Submitting my Creative Digital Arts essay, portfolio and website.
My last Avant Garde film class and Creative Industries class.
Possibly some work for NME magazine.
Sorting out paper work for my new job (the Royal Holloway one - see previous blog post)
Posting my manifesto to be president of the university left forum next year (that's left in the political sense, not in a was-here-now-isn't sense).
Germany (Cologne [Koln] -> Erfurt / Bad Blankenburg -> Leipzig -> Berlin)

April will be:
Edinburgh (home)
Writing my Avant Garde film essay, my documentary essay and preparing my creative industries pitch
Going to the new ice cream shop near my house
Sorting out all my photos (Since the summer. Yes, I am disorganised) and writing articles and blog things.
Seeing my sister (possibly in Aberdeen) for her birthday
Possibly WWOOFing (world-wide working on an organic farm) in Greece, or travelling somewhere (undecided).
Then back to Egham for a university presentation on the 25th, some job interviews and possibly some media placement things until mid May.

Blog post plans:
-I still need to write about a pair of glasses that I got sent from Glasses Direct - London Retro range, because they wanted me to blog about them. They are cute. Will do the photos and writing things once I am back in Edinburgh.
- CocoWhite oil pulling stuff. I really want to write about that.
- Still need to write about Bosnia
- Summer plans (I had lots. Now almost none. I am sure I will have more plans again by April)
- Content that I made this academic year
- My week in numbers
- Film reviews
- Radio shows from this year so far

Today was coffee. Tomorrow is pancakes. 
I am sure it will all be fine.

Heart It


  1. So many good things to look forward :)
    I can't wait to see the recipes you share, I'm always looking for new ideas!

  2. Completely unrelated, but I once knew a girl. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw.


    Perhaps I didn't know her. Person I met was ugly. Hooked on social media. Competitive. Souleless. Alot of updates and followers but perhaps 1 or two comments at best. She wasn't using social media. Social media was using her.

    I thought I would try and get to know someone nice. Lovely. Endearing. Warm. Helpful. Friendly.

    But see, every time I get my hopes up that I'm going to meet a human being, someone is quick to correct me and show me how wrong I am

    I got this weird, almost zombie-like person. That person wasn't beautiful. That person, in all honesty, didn't even seem like a human being anymore.

    Being ambitious was good. But being ambitious to the point where it becomes narcissism and all vanity. Why try getting to know other people? No, that would be silly. Xenophobia works better. Why getting to know someone as a human being?

    Life is long and we are forever young. Best be circumspect and asses your competition. Who's here to make friends when we can look more and more inward?

    And why would we, really, be social on social media?

    Why would we try and connect to each other like human beings? Why would we do something ridiculous as try and get to know each other?

    Sometimes I expect people to be people.


    alot of the time, I see how foolish this is.



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