Edinburgh, changes and adaptations

I returned back into Edinburgh Waverley train station on Friday the 9th of June (well, technically the early hours of Saturday the 10th).

About 5 bags in tow, and an exhausted expression on my face, I was helped with my bags to the car, and taken home.

Since then I have been unpacking, sorting out the mess that is my room, making food (alot of it), and applying for jobs.

It's a strange time. I'm relieved, but also anxious.

I'm unable to focus and my brain is a bit of a jumble right now - but I am sure soon everything will settle down.

I have avoided writing to friends, or updating this blog - I think because I am both confused / keen to avoid confronting this, but also because I am in a sort-of turbo-mode of applying to lots of things and working on practical tasks like organising my important documents. When things are strange I tend to do that. Fill long "to-do" lists with things that are perhaps not that important, work late on things that might help my "career" or on projects I am working on. Keep busy, keep the momentum.

Other things I have done in the last two weeks include:

- Buying picture frames from IKEA for some of my arty postcards and photos
- Getting a poster from Waterstones with bicycles on it
- Painting my toenails
- Applying for 100000 different things (lost count)
- Going to a dance class (at Dance Base)
- Making a really nice Scandinavian/Nordic bacon and potato tart
- Making waaaay too much pasta
- Drinking probably about 10+ cups of tea a day
- Going for nice walks
- Going to an interview in Glasgow
- Having lots of baths and pamper evenings
- Going to a family barbecue
- Going swimming
- Watching a really good Icelandic film called "Rams"

Basically I have been very boring.

It's been nice to have a few weeks of not very much and just adjusting to being at home again. However, I am starting to get restless again, as well as fed up and frustrated. I am really keen to start the next thing.

Plans for the next weeks:

(end of June) 
- Possibly Germany? (If I have the cash)
- London?
- Get or make a bookshelf
- Swim & Sauna
- TV Runner job (it's The X Factor haha)
- See some old friends
- Blog more again
- Write letters / notes and send them via old-fashioned post (send me your address if you want one)
- Dance classes
- Edinburgh Film Festival stuff
- Sell some stuff on Depop

(start of July) 
- Start Take One Action job
- looking after my niece and nephew
- Get my hair done?
- Driving lessons?
- Art classes?
- More dance classes
- A France or Italy weekend?
- Dentist (fun)
- Graduation in London

Anyway,  I have been enjoying a few new things which I have found or started using/doing/consuming/appreciating etc. So I will do a "favourites" post asap.

I have also decided to start collecting recipes. If you have any favourites, please do email me them - I would really love to try some new foods / ways of cooking.

Heart It



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