New Year & wishes

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

This year will be better than last, I just know it.

I have decided that 2018 is going to be my year, and I am really excited about what will come.

However, some really awful things have happened recently too. I am going to stay strong, and things will start to feel OK one day. I will try to put lots of love and happy things into the world.

Here some of my resolutions for 2018

In short, they are pretty much these 5 main ones:

- Say YES more
- Write / Illustrate a Children's Book
- Do a 5k running race (maybe a 10k depending on how I am doing) and do Park Run sometimes
- Read more / Learn a new language or more of one I already know some of
- Value friends more and see them more often

Others are:
- Play the harp again
- Listen to music more
- Film one second of everyday
- Do a pottery class and art class
- Submit a film to at least one film festival
- Start an Etsy shop
- Discover some new places
- Watch more documentaries / art films
- Cook and try new foods (including cooking Mussels in a big pot)
- Laugh more
- Yoga/Meditation/Tai Chi - once a week
- Get back into dancing / try a new kind of dance
- Take steps towards getting a dog
- Go on a group/friends holiday
- More outdoors
- Do some Munroes
- Write down recipes from friends and travels

Some other resolutions which are more private etc.

Here's to things getting better, building up resilience, and finding the good.

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