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Jan de Vries approached me recently to try out / review a few of their products - so I thought I would have a go, and post an honest review on here.

Jan de Vries are a health food shop and I do genuinely like a lot of what they stock, and usually pop in there to browse their rather extensive tea selection! However, this time I thought I would try out some things that I wouldn't usually go for, and see how it goes.

Caffeine-free fruit & grain instant coffee

Initially I was very skeptical about the caffeine-free natural coffee. I am a true coffee addict and couldn't see how anything could possibly taste similar.

However, I tried this out in a few different ways, and I genuinely liked it.

One of the best ways to drink it - in my opinion - is with almond milk and honey. It worked really well as a little perk-me-up mid afternoon, where I knew I needed something coffee-shaped, but also knew that caffeine would make me all weird and stuff if I had it too late.

You can get this here.

Confidence Essence

Again, this was something which I was skeptical about.
I've had a bit of a difficult time recently in feeling confident about myself, and I thought I would at least give this a go.

You add this to water and drink it - and I really wasn't sure about the idea of it giving me 'confidence'. I suppose it doesn't work like magic - but it did do a few things:

1. Firstly the realisation that you are not feeling confident and that you are taking a positive action to acknowledge this, makes a difference in itself.

2. The process of making up the solution, again, makes you take a moment to stop what you are doing and focus on the action, and to realise how you are feeling.

3. The general smell / aroma of the solution does make me feel good. I don't know exactly what it is, but it helps and I can't explain it very well, but it does.

If you fancy having a go - I would definitely encourage it.

You can buy the confidence essence here.

They also have essences for night, mood, emergency, craving, concentration, females, vitality, bowel issues, and for children.

You can buy both on Jan de Vries.

You can find out more about Jan de Vries here.

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