Growing my own alphalpha sprouts

So after reviewing some Jan de Vries products, I was offered to review some more. So of course I jumped at the chance!

This time I picked out the germinator jar and alphalpha sprouts seeds.

I really love growing plants and even more so my own food.
It reminded me a bit of growing cress in cotton wool when I was very small (did anybody else do that?), and I was really keen to try out this germinator-jar-way of growing seeds.

It was extremely easy.
You just pop the seeds in the jar, pour in some water and then drain most of the water out again (so that they are moist) and put them somewhere warm.
In around a week you have a load of alphalpha sprouts to put in sandwiches or salads or in your stir fry or whatever you wish!

It's so nice just to watch them grow day by day - there is something really satisfying about it!

I would say the jar is better than using cotton wool too, it's much cleaner and straight forward.

The link to the jar is here, and the seeds are here. But there was a huge selection of other seeds (I especially like the 'biosnacky' range).

You can see some of the in-progress-growing on my Instagram highlights under 'Reviews'.

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