Spicy Nightcap

If you can't sleep at night / fancy a calming milky drink - this one is for you.

I first saw a recipe similar to this in The Green Beauty Bible (highly recommend, given to me by my friend Zoe - their blog is here, you can buy it here or here), which didn't have everything in my recipe, but formed the basis of it. 

Spicy Nightcap (Loose) Recipe

-Milk (or almond milk) - a mug
-Cardamom Pods (you know, the stuff you find in pilau rice alot?) - a few. 4? 5?
-Nutmeg - a biggish pinch (if from a jar shaker thing, a good few shakes)
-Cinnamon - a slightly big pinch (or roughly the same ish or less than the Nutmeg)
-Cloves (The powder stuff, not the actual whole thing. If that makes sense?) - tiny pinch (one shake)
-Ginger - pinch sized pinch (or as gingery as you would like it)
-Crushed / Ground Almonds - like, a bit. Just sortof sprinke/pour it from the packet and judge it for yourself
-Honey - as much as you like
(Some recipes suggested saffron. SAFFRON?! Seriously? If you are rich and casually have saffron around the house going spare, then by all means, feel free to put it in. I, however, do not have this luxury and find my own concoction just fine without it thank-you very much).

Heat it all (apart from the honey) in a pan (don't let it burn on the bottom).

Sieve out the Cardamom pods (and Ground Almonds if you don't want it too grainy - but I quite like it with it still in!) but definitely take out the pods, they are not so great to eat.

Pour into your favourite mug (which you will have put a **** tonne of honey in beforehand).






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