Hipster specs - London Retro from Glasses Direct - Review

Having received a pair of glasses previously from Glasses Direct to review, I was contacted again to see if I wanted to review another pair.


Glasses are one of my weaknesses. Pretty sad, I know. 

This time I selected a very similar style, but in tortoiseshell (these ones), although I seem to have received dark tortoiseshell (not complaining as they are lovely!). However, I do wish I had gone for a lighter shade, as they look maybe a little tiny bit too similar to the ones I already own.

It's a subtle dark brown, which is far more flattering on the face than the black styles (in my opinion), but not significantly / obviously different from my black pair.

They do add a definite edge to an outfit, these do.
I would describe them as French librarian chic.
(Basically my aim in life anyway).

Here's some pics of me wearing them:

You can buy the glasses I am wearing here.

Here's some mood-board inspiration ( I also found this particular feed on Pinterest full of inspiration):

(you can see more of this sort of thing on my Pinterest, especially my style mood board)

If you're on the look out for new glasses, I would definitely recommend the guys at Glasses Direct, there's a pretty wide selection, and it's a bit different from the mainstream Specsavers stuff, and not heavily branded with designers or anything. Subtle and classy.

Other favourites that I picked out, (obviously I couldn't try them all, so not entirely sure what I would wear them with - but if I was to review another pair, it would be one of these guys):

From the rest of the London Retro range -

Sweeney in antique gold (if you want that Harry Potter vibe)

There's the Scout range

Drummond in grey, amber or black 
(although grey and amber seem to be out of stock at the moment - but I particularly like the grey one for that modern hipster look)


This is the best bit - 
They have a free home trialhttps://www.glassesdirect.co.uk/free-home-trial/

Yes, a FREE home trial!

You get to choose 4 frames, can try them on at home, prance around in them, ask people "do my eyes look big in this?", and then send them back freepost! Then you can have a better idea which ones fit your face, which styles go with your wardrobe, which styles don't freak out your dog etc etc etc


(I will certainly be doing this)


Anyway, if you want to stalk them (as I do), their social links are here - 


(please feel free to suggest better glasses/eyes related puns in the comments. cheers.)


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