Danish beer from Beer52 (& discount code)

I was kindly given a Danish case of beer from Beer 52! It contained some of their favourite Danish beers and some really great ones from elsewhere, as well as a beer snack! 

The box also contained their in-house publication FERMENT, a 100 page magazine, this month charting their recent trip to Copenhagen.

I was also given a discount code -  LIFLEN10 it gets you £10 off when you sign up to Beer52! 
All you need to do is enter the code when you arrive at www.beer52.com

Also - they are Winner of SIBA: Best Independent Beer Retailer of the Year 2016!

Below are my beer reviews: 
(with some interjections from my family)


This one was  - according to my Dad, who thoroughly enjoyed trying all these beers with me - "light, sharp, clean, refreshing, with a  nice 'hop-y' after-taste".

I am not totally sure what "hop-y" means (well, I know what he means - he can taste the hops, but I have no idea what hops taste like), but I am pretty sure that I agree.

My sister commented helpfully - "It tastes like juice", although I felt that it was more of a fruity, summer taste, but most definitely beer. A pretty good one at that!

To Ol - Baltic Frontier

Firstly - how good is this label design? I love it. Looks great. I almost wouldn't notice if it was a bad beer. Would look far too good on Instagram.

My dad's comments were: "Dry and lemony,  maybe too bitter for my taste, refreshing, malty aftertaste, that sweet mellow soft taste that you get from some beers - that's malt"

I don't know anything about malt.

To me, it was almost like (alcoholic) lemonade (with depth) - and probably my favourite of all of them.

To which my dad replied "Yeah, meaty lemonade"

My mum chimed in with "clean and sharp but not sweet enough for me".

Then, after a few more sips and chats my dad said "It has depth to it, not a boring beer - real complex flavours going on, the more I drink of it, the more I like it", which is exactly the same experience I had with the IPA.

Would highly recommend this one.

My Pils

Another great label design.

This one we all agreed on - Light, refreshing, fruity, clean, citrus, slightly bitter.

The White Hag

Full bodied, refreshing in a way, would go well with meat, sour, not really for a night in a pub where you drink pints upon pints - one to savour. (Maybe with crisps) For the beer connoisseur
Has subtlety and depth

Stewart - Hefe

This one was much more mellow and earthy.

Even though it doesn't look quite so edgey and hipster, it was a really nice beer -  fruity with a sharp after-taste.

Rothammer Brave Red Ale

This one definitely cleans the palette, lots of body, sharp clean taste, more sharp than lemony, and - according to my dad -  "probably lots of hops".

Rothammer Nazca IPA

The craft beer thing was a bit strange for my dad because he said that he is not used to so much sediment in his beers. However, definite refreshing lemon flavours.
This one was a bit heavier, and slightly bitter perhaps.
This one grew on me - by the time I was half way through it had become one of my favourites.

Mikkeller 2

Floral aftertaste, sharp, refreshing, light, and definitely not too bitter.

Thank-you @beer52hq for sending me a bunch of beers in the post - review and blog post coming soon! 🍺🍻

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