Forth Ferry - Scottish Seabird Centre - Review

Having been offered a trip on the new Forth Ferry between North Berwick and Anstruther with the Scottish Seabird Centre - I was keen to try it out!

On this particular day, the sun was shining and it was looking like it was going to be a gorgeous trip!

It was an early start, as the boat left at 9:30am from North Berwick  (which is a reasonable train ride away from Edinburgh's city centre) and it's important that you arrive around 20mins before the departure time.

The boat trip takes around 45 minutes, and can be a little choppy at times, with a touch of sea spray - so I would pack your waterproofs just in case!

I would recommend going for the covered part of the boat closer to the front if you would rather stay as dry as possible, but the young girl on our boat ride seemed to have the time of her life at the back of the boat enjoying the spray and wind in her hair!

Many of the others on the boat had taken their bikes on board, for what I can presume to be a bike trip around Anstruther for the day, before returning to North Berwick on the evening ferry.

Some were chatting about getting a bus from Anstruther to St Andrews for a day trip, others content with seeing the local things to do in Anstruther (fish and chips are a must!).

On the journey back to North Berwick, some Anstruther people had brought their golf bags with them on board, to do a spot of golfing in North Berwick before returning home on the evening ferry back to Anstruther.

I would definitely recommend this as a more exciting and novel way to spend the day somewhere, without the worry about parking cars or things like that. Some lovely sights of Bass Rock on the way too, so you could do a spot of bird watching!

There is plenty to do both in Anstruther and North Berwick (especially cute cafes)!

We got a discount in the cafe at the Sea Bird Centre (I think this discount may come with your ticket? Although I am not entirely sure about this) and we had THE BEST hot chocolate after perusing all the cute cuddly toy birds.

I have since seen that you can sometimes spot dolphins on the Sea Bird boat trips (!!) - which I am very envious of. You can see some photos here -

More information on forth ferry trips here:

You can book it here:

Timetable is here:

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