Poetry and Prose

Somebody today got me thinking about writing again.

Then someone else did, and then another.

I don't think I have really, truly written creatively since high-school.

That was 6 years ago. Perhaps more.

I realised while scrolling through twitter, and reading a very short poem about the Labour leadership result (which was announced today), and then reading a message from an old friend, and then after that - reading a blog by someone who used to write poetry.

I think I re-realised that it can express feelings that maybe, at times, you didn't even know you felt. Until you put pen to paper. (Or fingers to keyboard)

It can straighten out thoughts, or acknowledge their complexity.

I think I will be using this space to write alot more poetry / prose in the future, or even the next few days.

Recently, or even over the past years, I have switched myself off in some ways. Just carrying on with my routine of applying to things to look good on a CV, going to classes (and asking lots of questions and making lots of notes), writing essays to a formula, scrolling Facebook looking at pictures of other people having fun, short coffees with people devoid of real connection (often. not always), avoiding real thoughts, avoiding sad films or songs, limiting my vocabulary, not reading books for fun, not taking care of myself, not wanting to be truly seen, being aloof to protect myself, disconnecting with socialising, taking on too many things that mean too little, filling my time with meetings so that I don't have to think about life.

This, I hope, will slowly start to change.

I am going to try just to be me. Because that is just fine.


I will start with writing about Maastricht. I think.


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