It's starting to feel like spring

Chinks of light have begun to filter through my windows at around 9am these days...

Waking up with natural light falling onto my pillow is one of the best things about leaving winter behind.

Although it's still cold, the fact that the days are getting brighter makes me disproportionately happy.

This morning I am headed to Aberdeen, and the light is flickering through the trees as we speed away northwards. It is quiet and peaceful here while I sit and write, and my window seat allows me short bursts of warmth from the elusive sun,which falls softly onto my right cheek. 

My bag is packed with books, my camera, some cake that I made last night, my sisters' trainers (on request), and lots of jumpers in preparation for the salty north sea wind that will surely be chilling me to my bones in just a few hours' time. 

We pass dog-walkers on beaches, sheep-sprinkled hills and great shining expanses of sea, winking in the new-found sunlight. 

The humming and creaking of the carriages lead us smoothly through the rugged landscape, old dark tunnels  and tiny train-stations that I have never heard of.

This weekend is going to be one of giggles, tea, books and long chats. Bad TV shows, my aunt's cooking and winter coats wrapped up against the cold.

( I meant to post this on Saturday morning but train wifi got weird...)


Heart It


  1. I wish it was like that where I live! In France, the weather is horrible!


    1. Ah well today it actually started to snow! (Maybe I spoke too soon ;) )
      That's so cool that you are reading this from France!

  2. Can you believe the sun was shining in London this morning? Woooow lol! You are absolutely right, this is THE sign that we are leaving winter, oh so comforting to wake up to a chilly but sunny morning while still being under your warm blanket and dream about that cup of coffee!!! Bring it on :) xoxo

  3. Gorgeous words and a lovely photo! I just found your blog today and I am so glad that I did!



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