Jan de Vries blogger night

I was absolutely delighted to attend the Jan de Vries blogger event the other day, and it made a much bigger impact on me than I thought it would!

Firstly, I got a consultation from nutritionist Alison.

Her recommendations for me personally were:
Magnesium (later the sales assistant recommended Magnesium citrate or powdered Magnesium in particular)
Uva-Ursi & Echinacea drops
Golden Rod & Knotgrass Tea
1.5 litres of still plain water daily, 1/2 an hour away from food
Optibac Pro-Biotic (for those on anti-biotics)

If you live in the UK and would like more info on how to contact Alison, just drop me a message or comment below.

When I got to the shop-floor, I wanted to see how much these products were etc, and I decided to get some of them but not all.
The pro-biotic which was recommended to me on the shop floor was far more than I was willing to pay, although I see now that the one which was specifically recommended to me by Alison was not quite so pricey. The magnesium was also more than I thought it would be.
However, I did get the Golden Rod & Knotgrass tea which was recommended to me, as well as the Uva-Ursi & Echinacea drops. I also got the Salt of the Earth natural travel deodorant and Balance mineral powder after trying it at the event (it tastes like strawberry milkshake!).

I then got a Dr Hauschka make-over by Carol. (She is fabulous, and again, I can give you info on how to get in touch with Carol if you are Scotland-based. Just drop me a message).
What I loved was that everything in the make-up range smelled really amazing, as if it were actually doing my skin good just by applying it. I also really like the brand in the way that it has consistently been committed to natural and ethical products long before it became fashionable.
The make-up is a new part of what they do (usually it was mostly skin-care), but it is still very skin-focussed. She used a mix of their foundations, highlighters, eye shadow, mascara and sheer lipstick on me and it looked lovely! In particular I liked the colour correcting powder.
She told me about visiting the actual garden of Dr Hauschka in Germany, and how beautiful it was, and I just love the whole concept of what the Dr Hauschka team do. I got a handcream from them in my goodybag and the smell is so calming.

There was food to try by Rawnchy & Almighty, and which genuinely impressed me. I am not vegan myself, but I was amazed that these cakes and chocolates were made just using natural / vegan products. Even more impressed that the Rawnchy cakes (made by the lovely bubbly Poppy) were only made from raw ingredients too - they tasted really good and the touch of flower petals makes me think that they would make a really good wedding / fancy event food. As for Almighty - I would recommend the double coconut cream chocolate or cashew caramello nut butter/sauce (but the packaging of the chocolate was the real winner for me as it looked a bit like the Pantone colours).



Since the event, I have been drinking a lot more water. I am aiming for 1.5 litres per day although I usually don't quite reach that - but I am already seeing a difference anyway. As well as that, I am taking fish oil with my dinner every day (Cod liver oil & Alaskan fish oil), as well as a bunch of vitamins/supplements (vitamin C, vitamin B complex [with vitamin B12], biotin, multivitamin & iron), and a Yakult. I have been drinking the Golden Rod & Knotgrass tea around twice a day, and I am occasionally taking the Balance strawberry flavour mineral powder (containing magnesium, calcium, vitamin D3, potassium and zinc) in some water (not everyday).

This, in combination with a good skin care & hair care routine - I see myself looking a lot healthier and feeling a lot better too.

You can see my goodybag haul / recommendations on my Instagram highlights under 'Reviews'.

Thanks to Rebecca for inviting me, and for all of the organisation - it was a brilliant evening!

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