More things I'm liking.

(I took these photos at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh)


Penguin books podcast:
Viv Groskop (talking about Russia and identity)
Stephen Fry (talking about Greek myths)
Ruby Wax (talking about mental health)
Jo Nesbo (talking about writing process and his grim murder novels)

Vintage books podcast

Stephen Fry Great Leap Years podcast:
Especially the episode Monopoly (ESPECIALLY AT 43:21)

Cawston Rhubarb and Apple Juice

Pukka Wild Apple and Cinnamon Tea

Costa Coffee - Bonfire spiced latte / hot chocolate

A lovely interview with Jo Brand

I thought this Becca Rose video was refreshingly honest

This interview with Nigella Lawson in The Cut

These Zadie smith interviews in Elle

Guardian article on concentrating

This interview with Graham Norton

Autumn light

Books (Just finished) -
Why I'm not buying a computer by Wendell Berry
The Skills by Mishal Husain
Eating by Nigella Lawson

Books (Current) -
Autumn by Ali Smith

Using anchovies
I first got into anchovies when they were needed for a chicken recipe mentioned in this post. And then I made Nigella's tomato. anchovy and mascarpone pasta with the leftovers and it was AMAZING.

Simon Reeve episode on Gaza
This made a huge impact on me.
(It won't be available on BBC iPlayer forever, but for reference it is the 'Mediterranean' series episode 2.)

Cat Person
I know I am terribly late to the party on this one - but the short story 'Cat Person' published in the New Yorker is so relatable and real in terms of depicting sex / relationships in the digital age, and gender roles. It was so unbelievably real and accurate, and I don't seem to be the only one who has had a similar (or worse) tale.
I first heard about it on this podcast (which is quite good!)
& some of the responses to the piece here, here and here are really interesting

Slightly shamelessly, I love a few of the songs that are in the charts right now. My sister introduced me to this:

Taki Taki - DJ Snake

Sid's sketchbooks
(under the travel journal highlights section)


Want to get into knitting & craft, yoga, mindfulness, cycling / brisk walking, perhaps a run, continue reading.

(I also really want to start watching Big Little Lies)

New tech rules - no phone after Xpm (9pm?), no phone Sundays (?) or one day a week?, try to only go on phone with purpose, decide a 'replying to people' time/day.

Read more, think more, talk more, screen less.

Heart It


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