Things I like right now

Here's a little curation from the month so far -

I suppose it is part- wishlist, part-haul, and some other things in-between.

- Present & Correct stationery
I became obsessed after seeing the lovely guy from Present & Correct interviewed on Estee's channel -

A post shared by Present & Correct (@presentandcorrect) on

The Instagram is to die for -

In particular I like the:
The cute stamps
The paperclip index chart
The weird and old-school desk calendars
The CMYK pin
The know it all pencils
These amazingly retro coloured pens

-These blogs/websites

- Hei Fredag
This is a company set up by one of my favourite bloggers (Hjartesmil by Mariell) and her husband. They have this gorgeous and cute / calm-looking lifestyle with their daughter, in the countryside of Norway.
I am obsessed with these keyrings in particular -

You can buy them online here (but I think they only ship to Norway, which is a little heartbreaking).

Their online shop is here -
Their Instagram is gorgeous too -

- Tidying
Is this weird?
I got really into just having a very clear work-space and bedroom.

- Christmas
I'm very into Christmas this year. (Maybe I am every year)
I have had all the basic girl Christmas lattes and hot chocolates etc and fully ready with my Christmas jumper, Christmas present buying and advent calendar(s)...
Watch this space.

- Reading
- Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
- Eating by Nigella Lawson
- Swing Time by Zadie Smith

- Minor History wallet
This is on my wish-list (the red one)

- Glossier
Full review coming soon...

- Candles
As per usual I am still obsessed.
Right this moment I am burning two from IKEA. One large ish vanilla one, and one which came in a cute pot which I think is like Creme Brulee flavour or something.
However, I have to admit that I caved and bought the Anthropologie Boulangerie Candle in Pumpkin Souffle - which is ridiculously over-priced and I have been sort-of "saving" it and just smelling it on my desk (and not burning it). I think maybe in December I might have to stop being silly and just use it a little...
(Although I am hoping that they will become sale items in January, although I doubt it)

- The Working Woman's Handbook
This is great. Got onto this after Anna from The Anna Edit mentioned it.
It's quite difficult working freelance and on my own sometimes. This has been really helpful and clarifying, as well as motivating me a little more!
It's by Phoebe Lovatt who started the WW Club

- This H&M Jumper
My sister got it in Turquoise and I knew straight away that I needed it in Light Grey. It's really soft and I haven't stopped wearing it (basically).
Annoyingly it is now on sale and my sister and I paid full price :(

- Sephora advent calendar
This was a gift

- My new wooden stapler
From Anthropologie.
A bit of a splurge. But it was on sale. And I don't really know where else I will ever find something quite like it. And I like stationery. And I have just started myself up as a business. And my desk space is important for working (?). And...and...and...
Ok this was a bit of a random and probably stupid purchase and I don't regret it at all.

- Nigella Lawson's new series At My Table
I watch religiously every Monday.

- Poketo's gift ideas

- IKEA Christmas wrapping tape & string "VINTER"
I would highly recommend just shopping the whole "VINTER" range to be honest.
I am particularly keen on the cute advent calendars and the little gnome/elf decorations with over-sized hats and over-grown beards.

- Depop
I have bought probably too much on Depop since around April/May-ish, but anyway I got these earrings from there and I am obsessed.

I am also really enjoying selling things - you can find my Depop here, and can buy by downloading the app (and then looking for me @catosully ) or contacting me directly.

 - Crackers and cheese
(and cheese generally)

- Brooklyn 99 TV series
(watching on Netflix)

- Jade Fisher illustrations
I'm very keen on the Women of the World calendar.

- Vaseline, the Cocoa Butter version


Want to get into:

Cooking again
Reading more
Socialising with wider groups of people

Heart It


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