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The Guardian - Chips with Everything
This is The Guardian's tech podcast. I didn't think I was interested in tech, but really it's about society and the impact that technology has on it.
The episode with Hannah Fry about algorithms is one I enjoyed in particular. (30mins)
It made me think much more deeply about information, power, control, data and -in particular - health.

The High Low
(links are to ACast but you can also get them on Apple Podcasts/ iTunes)
I have some reservations about this podcast as the two co-presenters can be painfully posh at times (and unaware of it). However, the chatty magazine-y format mixed with serious news and intellectual conversation (especially when it's about books) is quite refreshing. It feels a touch BBC Radio 4-y / Women's Hour (but younger), but also has slightly 90s/00s TV vibes (probably due to the age of the presenters). I find them painful at times, but learn some new things too. I get the feeling they are literature graduates, as I find their chat about books the most informed and interesting.

The episode with The Guilty Feminist (54mins) was a pretty good one. It's an interview with the lady behind The Guilty Feminist podcast (another podcast I would recommend).
(And very 2018: a podcast interviewing another podcast...)

Other episodes I would recommend are:
Bumper back to school special (1hour 14mins)
Serena Williams / Kirsty Allsopp episode (1hour 3mins)
Is "hey guys" anti-feminist? (58mins)

I listen every week (I think it comes out on a Wednesday or Thursday), and it is quite satisfying to hear light-hearted analysis combined with serious comment on the weeks' news.

Graham Norton
He starts and ends each podcast with an 'agony aunt' section which I have found myself really enjoying (and sometimes laughing out loud at), and this sandwiches the interview with [insert famous person]. These recent ones were pretty good:
The episode with J K Rowling (45mins)
The episode with Nigella Lawson (36mins)
The episode with Lily Allen (39mins)

Bryony Gordon's Mad World
I don't particularly like the Telegraph as it is a bit too right wing for me - but this podcast is generally good. I haven't liked all of the guests, and at times it feels a little bit 10-years-ago. Bryony doesn't always get it quite right, but the general jist of a podcast about mental health issues and being very open about the difficulties - is a great idea. I found, when I was having a severe dip in mood recently, that rather than bring me down, this podcast actually helped me a great deal. It made me feel less alone, and gave me some practical helpful ideas.

The episode with Mandy Stevens (former NHS Mental Health Director) blew me away. (53mins)

I also thought the episode with Matt Haig was good, and the episode with Stephen Fry was good in parts (although I found it painfully privileged).

Penguin Books
(Also available on Apple Podcasts)
The episode with Zadie Smith & David Baddiel (47mins)
The episode with Ian Rankin & David Baddiel (48mins)

Nigella Lawson on Salt + Spine Podcast
One of the best interviews I have heard with Nigella was by someone fairly non-famous. It was a genuine fan who asked very intelligent questions of her.
Here's the episode. (34mins)

(Also available on Apple Podcasts)
This podcast is by celebrity fake tanner Jules von Hep and his gal pal. It's supposed to be all about body confidence etc, and it's sometimes a bit corny / cliched. The message is great and really important, but at times feels a little like a kinder version of Gok Wan.
These two episodes I am suggesting are both a touch too American-Dream/Neo-Liberal for me, but are quite inspirational in terms of women who just would not accept 'no' in terms of their careers. Sometimes I think we all need a little kick up the bum in the form of a podcast (ha)!
The episode with Nadine Baggot  (37mins)
The episode with Chinae Alexander (31mins)

An app to check how long you are using your phone 
(I think you might be able to use it for your iPad too?)

This Chicken Recipe
Mediterranean Tomato Chicken
Prep 15 min
Cook 40 min
Serves 3-4
4-5 chicken thighs, on the bone and skin on
Salt and black pepper
3 large tomatoes (such as beef or oxheart)
2-3 garlic cloves, unpeeled
3/4 tbsp small capers
8-10 black olives, stoned
1/4 tsp chilli powder
4 tbsp olive oil
150g white sourdough,
 torn into large pieces
For the basil oil
1 large bunch of basil leaves picked
2-3 anchovies
1 tsp capers

4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp red-wine vinegar
1 garlic clove, peeled
Heat the oven to 200C/390F/gas 6. Remove the chicken from the fridge, lay it on a plate and season generously with salt and pepper. Leave out for half an hour.
Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into large chunks and transfer to your largest baking tray. Scatter the garlic cloves over the tomatoes, along with the thyme, capers, olives, chilli and three tablespoons of olive oil. Season generously with salt and pepper, mix with your hands, then roast in the oven for 10 minutes.
Remove the tray from the oven and scatter the bread all around. Toss with the tomatoes and juices, then top with the chicken thighs. Drizzle the whole lot with the remaining two tablespoons of oil. Roast for a further 25-30 minutes, turning the bread pieces over once or twice.
Now make the basil oil, whizzing all the ingredients together. If you want a looser consistency, add a few more slugs of olive oil. Taste and check for seasoning – it will be naturally salty so you may only need the smallest pinch of salt.
Once the thighs are golden and cooked through, serve in the baking tray, drizzled with the basil oil, or transfer to a serving dish. 
Saw it originally in The Guardian food supplement and adapted it slightly.


This interview with Jacqueline Wilson in The Guardian Review
This was quite nostalgic for me, but also made me realise how important her books were in helping me to understand social problems / difficulties. Some really lovely quotes from her.

This article about social media & envy
I felt I could really relate to this. It made some very real observations on our use of the internet/social media and made me think twice about opening my Facebook app again.

This article about mental health
Please don't let the first paragraph put you off. It is a little graphic, but I think the real punchy argument starts around paragraph 9.

This article about surviving an Icelandic Winter
I reckon, although this is about Iceland and the harsh dark/cold winters there, that this can be transferable. I find I get really down in the Winter and this article had some really good tips for getting through it.

This photo series of Millenial bedrooms across the world

For more articles see my Twitter.

These teas
Winter Spiced - Morrisons The Best range (can't find online)
Three Fennel - Pukka
Turmeric - Pukka or Sainsbury's (its a little cheaper at Sainsbury's)

The Skills - Mishal Husain (Just finished)
Eating - Nigella Lawson (Currently reading)

Really enjoying Good Reads at the moment so feel free to follow me on there.
Particularly excited to start reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

'Press' - a BBC TV series - currently on BBC iPlayer
It's great. It's a fictional drama about two competing newspapers (which are very thinly disguised The Guardian [The Herald in the series] and The Sun [The Post in the series]). It's just the right level of intense, and makes you use just the right amount of brain power. (I got a little sick of just watching rubbish reality TV all the time with no real substance.) The bad guy plays his part really well too. It's worth watching just for that to be honest.

(Also currently watching Bake Off and really enjoying Noel Fielding in particular)

This interview by Emma Watson with Rupi Kaur (47mins)
Sometimes this is a little cringey in how 'nice-y' they are - but the general message is powerful. Also there is so much mutual respect, no annoying interrupting, and Emma does a great job of being thoughtful / mindful of her privilege / listening properly and has a lovely manner (if a bit too cutesy/vanilla at times). I'm not sure how I feel about Rupi's poetry at the moment, but I thought this was a nice interview with interesting topics.

This Ted Talk from Thomas Hylland Eriksson (40mins)
On globalization essentially. Some really good points, and well made. Really stretched my brain (more than most of the stuff I watch on YouTube anyway).
He wrote the book I am reading for my masters course at the moment.

Hannah Witton - Sex & Disability (59mins)
This is not one for the prudish, but SO IMPORTANT.
I loved this and wish it could be shown in every high school.

Joanna Jinton - Sweden & Nature & Art (5mins)

This video showing how a one-take scene was filmed

This video about tea made me giggle

More YouTube-y Videos

Hannah Witton - My Experiences Using a Walking Stick (18mins)
Having recently got a stoma bag after two very serious operations this year, Hannah bravely talks about how it has been for her with a walking stick around London.
She makes it pretty cool while also being very real about it, and it's inspirational really.

(also her 'Why I'm Sex Positive' & 'Why I'm Not Sex Positive' videos are good)

Rosianna - The Other Day I Read For 6 Hours In A Row (5mins)
I like Rosianna for her bookishness and her honesty. This video made me feel all in a booky mood.

Leena - 5 Ways To Save Democracy (10mins)
Leena is bolshy, loud and full of good energy. I like to watch her videos when I'm feeling a bit rubbish - she always picks me up. This video made me 1. want to read the book (which means the ad worked haha), and 2. a little hopeful that we can do something about the current political situation.

Leena - Top 10 Self Help Books That Actually Help (20mins)
I put basically all of them on my Good Reads 'want to read' list.

Christine - V Chatty Life Update (15mins)
I've been watching Christine for a long time now, and she's been through alot recently.
I liked this video because it was straightforward, simple and real. I like how honest she is about how she is feeling, and it made me feel not alone.
(Also, she's just really cool).

Melanie Murphy - The One Where I Address My Nude (48mins)
I've only started watching Melanie more recently. I liked this vlog. I don't really know why. It made me feel good.

This Becky video (10mins) also made me feel good and not sure why. I think it made me want to be friends with her, her mum and her mum's friend and go on holiday with them and have girly cocktails.
(Becky has also been through alot recently so I am really happy that she is doing fun things with her family)

Haven't really been so into music recently but one or two things have stood out to me.
I kept re-watching this video of Adele on her first TV appearance ever. It was on Jools Holland and it is so fresh and real. It really speaks to me.

Adele - Daydreamer - Jools Holland 2007

This lipstick from Rimmel - Kate Moss
Shade 42 
£5.49 at Boots
I find it's very close to one of my favourite MAC lipsticks (Peach Blossom) which is over 3 times the price (at £17.50).

The Anna Edit newsletter

Instagram posts I've liked recently
Some of these are a bit cheesy, but whatever.

This one was by my friend Kate. I'm not religious myself, but I thought some of these words were very pretty and beautiful.

This one made me properly laugh out loud. Henry Holland having cocktail issues.

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I'm making this tomorrow....

I think this woman is fantastic. She makes grey hair look really chic, and totally owns her age.
She is basically what I want to be when I'm older (including the dogs).

I've followed Mariell & her husband Jostein for a long time. They make these beautiful artistic pictures and I really love their simple family scenes right now.

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