So in a bout of baking madness, a flurry of sugar-induced whisking if you will, my sister and I decided that we have yet another challenge that we would like to complete.

It was my slightly geography-obsessed sister that found this particular creation on the blog called Cake Crumbs and it was this:

(Yes, you heard me.)

Full Tutorial Page Here.

Other things I want to make:

Cake in a Jar!

Easter Cakes!

Salted peanut butter/caramel cups NOM.

Baby Basketball cakes!

Love Heart Cake

Nerdy Weather Cake (and for birthdays you could put the birthday age as the sun temperature?)

Wild Flowers Cake

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Cupcake! (love this.)

Anyway if I have too much time on my hands in the next while, I might have a go at these (or maybe some creations of my own!) and just generally get a bit creative and fat haha.


Heart It


  1. seriously every time I read your blog catriona you make me hungry!! can't wait for cuckoo's :) xxx

    1. haha yeah it's going to be awesome!! :) I shall bring my camera so you better bring your best smiley face ;) xxx



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