St Andrews.

It was so beautiful to see some of my old friends again.

I had a little trip from Edinburgh to St Andrews to visit some of my friends at university there. 

It is such a funny place, filled with students and old buildings and more students...and not much else...

It has become a popular univeristy UK-wide and internationally, perhaps partially due to the fact that Prince William went there.

Another moody/grey day in St Andrews...

(these were taken the previous time, the morning after the St Andrews' Rodeo night... don't ask.)

This time, I went to the Inn at Lathones and many happy memories were made there, just outside this tiny and unlikely Scottish town.

Pizza and Almodovar movies, friendly bus drivers and a lost taxi driver. Cupcakes and smoothies, walks near the sea and drinks in nice bars. Sharing fish & chips, and sleeping in late.

Happiness is.


Heart It


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