Things I learnt about food (and other stuff) from Italians


Have a listen to this guy while reading this post, it's a special one:

Things I learnt about food (and other stuff) from Italians:

- Food is social

- Never over-boil the pasta (like, seriously. Otherwise it's like eating slugs).

- Mix the pasta with it's sauce over a heat, it makes the pasta take the flavour better.  - "saltare!" (Unless it's pesto. Don't do this with pesto.)

- Pasta Salad? Keep it more "aldente" (cold soft pasta is even worse).

- Good quality pasta and good quality parmesan are what is important - you can be less picky with the quality of the rest (although even better if you are picky with everything).

- Tomato juice and celery? Yeah, that's a thing.

- Coffee is a human right.

- Mozzarella, Tomato, Olive Oil, Fresh Basil, Salt & Pepper. Yes.

- Basil is a boy. But plants are girls (what?).

- Coffee in the morning - Lavazza or otherwise. + croissant

- If they are loud and mad - they will only be mad for a short time. Then they will just be loud and happy. (Until they are mad again).

- Girls don't swear. And if anybody is swearing, the most offensive thing is to diss someone's mother. Or anything related to religion.

- Nonnas and Mammas are where it's at.

- Pizza is not served at restaurants. And the best pizzas are in Napoli. (Naples for the rest of you) - they have their own league of pizza competition.

- Nutella is Italian (and you can put it in your coffee as a treat)

- Lemon sorbet stays single

- The north and south hate each-other. Correction: the north just judges the south.

- Italians are often very open but at the same time very private.

- Risotto is good when it is made properly (also you can put strawberries in a risotto - did you know that?)

- Work out what a "soffritto" is and use it when making a "ragu" (what we all call spagbol sauce).

- Share it and love life.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Here are some cute Italians being cute.

Oh and the gestures... let's not forget the gestures...

These guys don't really do the gestures perfectly because they aren't all Italian. But they are all hot so who cares?

Oh and here's a really really 'camp' proposed Eurovision entry from Italy (while we are on the subject of hot and probably gay men...)

Thanks to Matthias for introducing me to this song (and many other Eurovision entries ;) ), for all the nights out dancing to Lady Gaga/Britney/One Direction, for lending me your pasta maker and for countless bowls of pasta, too many 'biertjes' and so many good times in Maastricht.

and a special thanks to all the Italians I met in Maastricht

un bacio


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