London Retro Glasses

I have always been a fan of the way that glasses look, even though (annoyingly for the rest of my family) I have 20/20 vision every time I go to the optician (touch wood).

But I think, like any other accessory, they can add quite a nice touch to an outfit and I am obsessed.

I currently own a ridiculous amount of fake glasses (which are actually quite tricky to find), but none of them look quite right.

I like them for hiding behind on bad face days, or for giving an f-off vibe to others when I am trying to focus on something in the library.

Sometimes they just make a formal outfit look more casual, or add a chic-ness to whatever I'm wearing.

Alot of people think it's a bit ridiculous that I like them when I don't need them, but I see it as no different to somebody wearing a scarf that isn't entirely functional or a headband that is merely for aesthetic purposes.

Anyway -

So when I was asked by Glasses Direct to do a review of the London Retro range of glasses, I jumped at the chance.

London? Vintage? Hipster lenses? YES YES YES.

I mean, even the name of this blog fits it! Perfect.

So lovely Jess at Glasses Direct sent me over a pair of the Fitzrovia glasses in black.

You can obviously get all of these with any prescription you might need - but it was simply clear lenses for me.

I am going to do make a little lookbook of me in outfits with them because I think they're cute, and, well, I want to. Ha.

The first thing that struck me was how gorgeous the leather case was.
Really good quality and it looks classy.
I think I would be quite happy using this as a sort of clutch for a night out!
(Ha. Yes, I know. I'm ridiculous).

The glasses themselves are a much more modern and 'young' sort of design and they are super comfortable to wear.

You can tell that they are good quality from the off, just by the feel of them.
I like the range of styles they have aswell as the ones I tried, and I like that you have the option of clear lenses too.

I was inspired by Alexa Chung and Oliver Proudlock (from Made in Chelsea) for the looks that I will post soon.

So you fancy getting a pair for yourself?

There is also a new Metropolitan inspired range at London Retro


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