Edinburgh International Film Festival - (Pre-Fest)

This year I will be working for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and I am really looking forward to it.

I get some free tickets aswell as a staff pass to get into films during my breaks. (YAY!!)

Films I want to see:

(I will put some of the trailers below soon)

We'll Never Have Paris (USA)
40 Days of Silence (Chilla) (Uzbekistan/Netherlands/France/Germany)
Aberdeen (Heung Gong Jai) (Hong Kong, China)
Ana Arabia (Israel/France)
Anatomy of a Paperclip (Japan)
Altas (France)
Ballet Boys (Norway)
Bannan (UK)
Be My Baby (Japan)
Beloved Sisters (Germany)
Castanha (Brazil)
Chantier A (Algeria/France)
#ChicagoGirl - The Social Network Takes on a Dictator (USA/Syria)
Coherence (USA)
Daughters (Germany)
Displaced Perssons (Sweden)
The Fat and The Angry (Sweden)
Finding Vivian Maier (USA)
Finsterworld (Germany)
Fish and Cat (Iran)
Galore (Australia)
Greyhawk (UK)
Hardkor Disko (Poland)
Hassan's Way (Spain/Portugal/France)
Hide and Seek (UK)
Home (Sweden/Iceland)
I Believe in Unicorns (USA)
I Hate The Dawn (Iran)
The Infinite Man (Australia)
The Invisible Life (Portugal/UK)
Is the Man who is Tall Happy? (France)
Journey to the West (France/Taiwan)
Korso (Finland)
Letter to the King (Norway/UAE)
Life May Be (UK/Iran)
Manakamana (USA)
Medeas (USA)
A Most Wanted Man (USA/Germany)
My Accomplice (UK)
My Name is Salt (Switzerland)
N: The Madness of Reason (Belgium/Netherlands)
My Red Shoes (France)
A Night in Old Mexico (Spain)
The Owners (Kazakhstan)
Palo Alto (USA)
Parents (Germany)
Patrick's Day (Ireland)
Set Fire to the Stars (UK)
Snowpiercer (South Korea)
Sorrow and Joy (Denmark)
Stray Dogs (Taiwan/France)
To Kill a Man (Chile/France)
Uncertain Terms (USA)
Violet (Belgium/Netherlands)

Interesting workshops/talks:

The Forsyth Hardy Lecture: Should Scotland have an Independent Film Industry?

Introduction to Film Studies I: The Art of Scottish Cinema

Introduction to Film Studies II: The Essay Film

Viewing Voices: A Symposium discussing the use of "The Voice" in Cinema

With the Filmmakers: Continuities & Discontinuities in Iranian Cinema

Understanding Cinema

16mm Animated Sound Workshops

McLaren Digital Animation Workshops

I will try to go to as many of these as possible.

I will write reviews of the films that I see, and post updates on the festival as it happens.

If you think I've missed out some important films that are on, just let me know.


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