A good day

Yesterday was a good day.

Firstly it was sunny.

I liked that mostly because I love the light and the warmth and the butterflies that come out. But secondly because it meant I could dry my laundry outside. Which is a silly thing to be happy about, but it does smell nicer that way.

I sorted out my plans to move to London in September to study art and do some interning /work there. Which was a big relief.

My dad has planted new alpine plants in a pot outside. They are small and cute and light silvery green. I like them.

I watched alot of my new obsession: http://chrissstttiiine.tumblr.com/ on her youtube channel. She is super cool and I kindof want to be her a bit. But not completely. I like her videos about plants and her room and when she talks about leather mens' shoes.

Then I had a birthday voucher for the PURE spa, so treated myself to a facial. It was awesome. I looked like a different me after. My face is still glowing.

For dinner I made a big 'chunky' salad with green leaves (it was a mixed bag, it had spinach in it I think, and other stuff), chunky big tomatoes, cashew nuts, avocado, a little bit of crushed walnuts, some dried cranberries, clementine segments, salt/pepper, olive oil / balsamic vinegar and a little bit of juice squeezed from the clementines. Topped off with grated parmesan cheese.

Rustic Bread, hams (salami, normal ham and pastrami) to go along with it and then chopped nectarines for dessert.

A BBC4 documentary about art in Paris in 1928 (ish) and then another episode of The Killing.


I wrote this about August the 27th, but I am publishing on August 28th and this song is about August 28, so that's good enough for me ;)


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