Things I treated myself to this past while

After some generous gift vouchers and birthday money...

I treated myself to a new skirt and three crop tops from TOPSHOP (grey, black and breton striped).

Alexa Chung's book 'It', which I have been hankering after for since forever.

I got the 'The Killing' (Forbrydelsen) Danish TV series box set (which I wrote a sort-of-review-ish-thing on so far).

A wonderfully kitsch pink ipod/phone charger.

New fake tortoiseshell glasses (from, you will never guess, Primark - for £1).

And lastly, the Susan Sontag book 'On Photography'. Everybody in the art world tends to reference Sontag, as if it were the most obvious and well-known thing in the world - not even worth explaining again. Yet I have never read Sontag. So I am now.

The bag just looked nice with the other items. I've actually had it for ages. It's from a vintage/fleamarket in Maastricht, The Netherlands.


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