All I want for Christmas... is to make Christmas things

Christmas Creations & Wish-lists

I want to make:
Hot chocolate variations (mint candycane, real chocolate with spices, amaretto etc)
Melting Snowman biscuits
Christmas popcorn decorations
Red cabbage & apple thing
Limoncello cake
Mince Pies
Malteaser Robins
Pomegranate things
Stollen / Pannetone 
Polarbear cake
Proscuitto asparagus
Christmas Tree Napkins
Snowman Popcorn Cups

General (Home-made) Present Ideas:
Hot Choc Baubles
Chocolate blobs
Origami things
Build-able Snowman
Red Santa Cups

Moleskines - a red notebook, a medium/large black or red diary with days of the week etc
Polaroid Camera
Kanken classic bag in Graphite
New Clarks boots
A good pair of brown leather round-toe brogues/ lace-ups
New Balance trainers in Red/ Beige tones
Good quality ankle socks (grey?)
Lands End flannel shirts (grey)
Anything from Urban Outfitters
Books (especially on art / film / philosophy / politics or fiction classics)
A big map for my wall
Anything Nordic
Italian food things
Art courses / Photo courses / Interesting plays or talks
New Earphones
New Laptop
iPad / Leather case for it?
A dictophone / recorder for radio things / mic
Harp strings / lessons?

Want to get for myself:
Mac make-up
Music / sort music collection
Topshop leather purse black
Backless dress in red & black
Ballet shoes / RHUL dance gear
Teeth sorted
Spa day
Filter water-bottle
Trips back to Edin / to other places. (Amsterdam/ Eindhoven/ Maastricht, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki, Budapest, Istanbul, Morrocco, London things, Coventry, Dublin, Oxford, Cardiff, Stockholm, Oslo, Barcelona, etc and save up for Operation Wallacea? / other big trip summer 2015)
Phone case

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