Christmas things and photos


So calm and happy.

Over breakfast we watched the famous John Lewis & Sainsbury's Christmas adverts on Youtube. (I will post them below if I remember).

Family focused. Thoughtful presents.

Food, children, xmas tv, games, hot choc, xmas dance, more xmas tv. 

I messaged everyone that I had been meaning to message for a long time 'Happy Christmas'.

Got far too many things, and gifts that made me realise how well my family know me.

Cuddles on the sofa, learning chess and calligraphy.

Braids and melted snowmen biscuits, peach belinis and dauphinoise potatoes.

One of those days that didn't need thousands of photographs to prove how wonderful it was.

It just was. 

Relaxed and happy and we will remember it like that.

Heart It


  1. Those slippers! So cute, where did you get them from? Spending the day with family is my favorite part of Christmas. That and spirits are high, you can eat and drink good food, and mostly everyone has off from work :)

    1. Haha! I can't even remember actually! They were a present, I think they were from Next? And the Santa socks were Claires I think? Oh I can't really remember! Sorry! Hope you had an amazing day too! Family time and holidays are the best :)



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