Today Spring Made An Appearance

Today Spring made an appearance.

It is too early to say that Spring has officially 'sprung', but at least the sun has started to peak through on these crisp, cold days.

I have started dance classes again, have been involved in far too many societies and have a load of essays to do.

Currently, I am living off of Reece's peanut butter cups (they are the best), popcorn, coffee and Nairns cheesy oatcakes.

They are keeping me going through all the work and studying.

So far this term (and it has only been JUST over a week), I have:

- Done the Media Suite Launch Show for Insanity Radio - where loads of alumni who now are working in the media were in attendance. The show is going to be made into a podcast and submitted to the National Student Radio Awards.

- Done my first radio show since the holidays (The Arts Show)

- Watched lots of obscure films for uni (Battleship Potemkin, Entr'Acte and The Public Enemy)

- Did a dance audition, which also happened to be my first proper dance class in 4 years

- Sorted out getting my Dutch Society hoodie, Insanity Radio t-shirt and new key fob for the new studio, new phone case and books.

- Already done my first task for The i Paper - asking students to write on a white-board what freedom of speech means to them.

- Had my first bubble tea of 2015

- Met a lovely new girl in our corridor called Arianna (Ariana?) - she is Italian but lives in South Korea. I have already learned 'hello' in Korean. I will keep working on it...

- My new tutors this term seem even better than last term, and I feel really pushed academically (that sounds super nerdy, but it makes me happy).

This week is:

- Essay essay essays & write script for film

- A guest lecture on freedom of expression, from the Politics and International Relations Society

- More lectures, more films, more classes on script-writing and cameras

- Going to a talk on mental health called: 'Beyond puppies & self care'

- Potentially going to the Feminist Society board game evening

- Writing articles for The Independent

- Ballet & Contemporary Dance classes

- Art galleries / exhibition visits

- Talk: 'Let's talk about disability'

- Guest lecture from a New Zealand diplomat

- The Orbital (student magazine) re-launch party with Jaime Laing (from Made in Chelsea. Yes. Random).

- Discussion with the Feminist Society: 'Feminism and Mental Health'

- Talk: 'Let's talk about mental health'

- Possibly going to the Art Society art session

- Doing my presentation to class on French Cinema

- A mental health training workshop 'looking after your mate'

- Postcard making

- Going to Camden to choose books for the new Liberation Library.

- Media Society Social

Busy busy.

Just the way I like it.

Heart It


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