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Here are some belated photos of Christmas gifts and recent purchases  - so I guess it is sort of a 'haul' (even though I kind-of hate that word).

I woke up on Christmas morning to a wonderful new laptop, which I am typing on now.
It does not crash every 5 minutes, has memory, and the screen stays firmly attached to the keyboard (those who have known me and my laptop trials and tribulations will know what I am talking about).

I got a load of other lovely and beautiful items, but most importantly I got lots of love and hugs, great food and even more fantastic family.

Shopping trips / online purchases then ensued after receiving a bunch of gift vouchers and bits of Christmas money (which nobody needed to get me, and was completely unnecessary - but really lovely to get anyway).

So here is a little list/compilation of pictures of the things that I got:

A black Moleskine 2015 diary
Shirts x 2 (one white formal one from Topshop, and one sort-of plaid print one from H&M)
Shoes x 2 (Black 'Aladdin'-style velvet slipper shoes from H&M, and beige suede sort-of 'dolly' sandals from Topshop)
Gold line earrings from Topshop
A Breton-style stripey top from Gap
Cosy socks from H&M
A Fjallraven Kanken Mini bag in navy
Books x3 (A book on Andy Warhol - from my sister, one called 'Read This If You Want To Take Good Photographs', and a book on style bloggers).
A wooden phone cover
A hoodie from the Dutch Society at uni
Koala slippers
A black leather magnetic shut fold-over purse from Topshop

I also got a voucher to get a manicure with my sister, so we got it done just before New Year. Here is a bad phone pic of my manicure and awkward hands. We then went out for dinner.




I like these earrings because they are so simple. Usually I only wear tiny pearls or no earrings at all, but I saw these on Christine's channel, and was hunting for a pair for a while. Since I had a voucher for Topshop, I had a look there. They were a bit more expensive than a lot of the other earrings, (£12 ish), but I really like them. I think they look a bit like staples, but in a nice way...?

(P.S. can you spot my Andy Warhol print in the background?)


And here is my wonderful Kanken bag.
I have literally been obsessed with and wanting one for around 2 years.

Got my beloved Dutch Society hoodie. It is very cosy and I throw it over almost everything. Plus it has my name on it. Which is cool.

Phone case / Purse / Books / More Moleskine pics

Hair things.

These two things (especially the Macadamia mask) have been my saviour.

Below is a picture of probably my favourite present in a really long time.
My sister got me these completely out of the blue. I will never totally understand what goes on in her head, but I think she knew that I was feeling down.
When I returned from London to Edinburgh, she simply said: 'I have something for you' and mumbled something about them being 'on sale'.
I feel I ought to get her something nice in return (even though I know she doesn't expect anything), but am waiting to see something just right for her.
Also it is her birthday coming up in a few weeks...

Anyway, here are some pictures of my lovely new koala slippers (that seem to be slightly confused in identity as they have bunny tails...?)

Sorry for the veiny feet picture.

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  1. Wow what a great set of presents! Those books look really cool and I love the little earrings - I agree they look a bit like elegant staples. Also those koala slippers are adorable! XX

    1. Thank-you! Most of them were 'presents' to myself though ;) I feel a bit materialistic putting them all on here though, so will post a load of posts on intellectual things on the blog now to kind-of balance it out ;) haha xx



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