Flower specimen Birthday Cupcakes

So my sister turned 21 last week, and I made a madeira cake for the actual day.

But she was still in the middle of university classes in Aberdeen.

Now we are both on our holidays for Easter, and a larger family gathering was planned in Edinburgh to celebrate her birthday.

I made these cupcakes, because she likes plants, and has had to do alot of plant identification on her uni course.

There are 21 cupcakes, one for each year, and the 21st one had sparklers on top!

I also made an origami book as a birthday card.

Here are some pics:

I made little cards with the scientific names on them, and used cocoa powder to make it look like soil.

It was a simple sponge cupcake underneath. Recipe below.

My sister's favourite flower is a daisy or 'Bellis perennis' - so the 21st cupcake had that. Plus sparklers in the shape of 21.

And here is the origami book that I made (will post a tutorial soon), plus the envelope with the tickets for Kew Royal Botanic Gardens that I got her for her birthday. 

And here is the super simple recipe for the cupcakes:

115g self raising flour
115g caster sugar
115g margarine
2 eggs

mix ingredients.

put in oven at 150 degrees for 15mins.


(this makes 12, so I made 2 lots of this. And ate 3.)

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