Travel Plans Summer 2015

During my time in Bosnia, I will have some weekends off, which I would like to use to travel.
These are the places I would like to go:

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
(This is near where the music camp will take place 8-15 July)

Zagreb, Croatia
(possibly Electric Elephant  Festival in Tisno, Croatia)

San Marino, Italy
(not sure how likely this is)

Osijek, Croatia
(This is near where my training will take place 23-27 June)

Budapest, Hungary
(not sure how likely this is)

Belgrade, Serbia
(this is where I will fly into)

Dubrovnik, Croatia
(not sure how likely this is)

Over the border to Montenegro
also for Sea Dance Festival
(not sure how likely this is)


Later in Summer:

Expo Milano 2015

Possibly (in my dreams really...) -

Sweden (Gothenburg & Stockholm)

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