Bosnia Week 3 (Feat. Novi Sad, Serbia)

Last week's post can be found here.

Day 15

(Tuesday 30th June 2015)

Finishing toilet-roll peacocks, toilet-roll caterpillars and kites made from plastic bags.

Had my mentor meeting with Dina and discussed my training and my personal project (dance classes, and possibly a podcast and documentary).

Lunch was pancakes with marmalade.

Local language lesson at 4pm (I really feel like I am improving) and then sirnica (pronounced: "ser nitz sa") - which is like a pastry with sortof feta-ish cheese in it. A sort-of cheese 'burek'.

Finished my first Svitac time-sheet and monthly report.

Then coffee with Kate.

Plus lots of mosquitos. Apparently they can bite through leggings. Great.

Day 16

(Wednesday 1st July 2015)

Sunny day

Protest outside Youth Centre

First ever 'Fun Day' ('Radonice' in local language. I think) - making forts!

2 Patrons came - Jane and Phillip & we had lunch together. Really interesting

Music session with Sam

Gordana meeting - paycheck!

Sarah left for Novi Sad

I love English

Cleaned house, drinks with Sam, Nicholas, Tamara and other Germans.

Day 17

(Thursday 2nd July 2015)


drawing / colouring in

PM activities:

water balloons & volleyball and frisbee

Sanja meeting 3.30pm

coffee with dina and sanjin and kate and giannovani

skipped going to the pool

drinks with germans and locals and norwegian guy

watched anchorman until around 4am (? I think)

Day 18

(Friday 3rd July 2015)

'Fun day' - consisted of:

'fort' planning

games outside - balloons and balls and piggybacks

pom poms


Then the bus to NOVI SAD!! [Serbia] (went with Kate)

Day 19

(Saturday 4th July 2015)

Wandered around Novi Sad with Kate.

Then went to the film festival called 'Cinema City' with Sarah and Kate. 

Day 20

(Sunday 5th July 2015)

Spent the day on the beach at the Danube and then returned to Brcko with Sarah.

Obligatory skype call with the parents.

Day 21

(Monday 6th July 2015)

Potato printing

Cross-words & pom poms

Gordana meeting at 3pm

coffee at the station

kaffa - beer with milos, jurgen and sam

night with john and sam?


week 4 - music camp, near Sarajevo
week 5 - Banja Luka
week 6 - Tuzla / Zagreb / Lubljiana
week 7 - birthday week! Belgrade / budapest / sarajevo / mostar / trumpet festival?
week 8 -
Heart It


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