10 things you probably didn't know about me

1. I speak Dutch (sort-of).
Well, pretty ok. I like to put it like this: I speak it much better than most Brits who say they can speak another language because they studied it at school or uni or whatever. But I wouldn't be very comfortable discussing deep philosophy, using very fancy words or writing essays. I know the slang and have an ear for accents.

2. I play the clarsach.
A small celtic (Scottish / Irish-y) harp. And I used to play the recorder when I was little. I still don't know why we insist on making little children learn this instrument. Odd.

3. My favourite films are Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Amelie, Grand Budapest Hotel, Frances Ha, Une Femme est une Femme, Big Fish, Harry Potter, and... ah I can't remember them all. Mostly I love slightly artsy, deep but not too sad, clever, maybe a bit funny, beautiful and probably French films.
TV stuff, I like all the Scandinavian things - The Bridge (Bron Broen), The Killing (Forbrydelsen - or something like that?), Borgen, Wallander; and I love Ugly Betty, Jeeves & Wooster, Shetland, Sherlock, Friends, most silly 'cosy crime' stuff like Rebus, Lewis, Agatha Christie anything. Obv I love a bit of University Challenge, Graham Norton, Strictly Come Dancing and Eurovision etc.

4. I am quite proud and rarely ask for help if I think I *should* be good at something. It can be my downfall. I think maybe I also feel a bit of guilt / deep feeling that I am not good enough and that it's usually my fault etc etc 

5. Family is super important to me.
And people in general.
I need physical contact / hugs and really like if I can hear someone snoring as I go to sleep or know that somebody is nearby or close to me.
(Sometimes I have to put on a Harry Potter audiobook read by Stephen Fry to help me feel that I am not alone).

6. I like chicken korma type dishes and pilau rice.
When I was little, sometimes my parents would have some pals round for a late night take-away when I was already in bed. But I would creep downstairs sometimes and get a popadum. All super exciting.
(Also I love parma ham, good Italian pasta, roast dinners (especially stuffing and yorkshire puddings), pizza (with parma ham), hard cheeses (with fig chutney), butternut squash soup or good vegetable broth, chow mein, most sweet things, skips crisps (also wotsits, and quavers, and salt & vinegar), reece's peanut butter cups, cold caramel coffee thingys from the fridge section, caramel macchiatos with extra caramel drizzle (trying to stick to decaff), vegetable sushi, guacamole, red pepper humous, cheesy oatcakes from Nairns, lemon sole fish, my auntie Margaret's lasagne, haggis, IKEA meatballs and lingonberry jam, anything from a Nigella Lawson cook book, strawberry and cola laces, food that reminds me of good times)

7. I write alot of lists. ALOT.
I am really obsessed with stationary.
But I am really bad at finishing books.

8. My favourite number is 8. I think it's sophisticated. My favourite colours are beige / cream / tan, red (like a bright almost orangey red), azure blue and grey.

9. I used to (and still do) really want to be a Blue Peter presenter.
Being Lauren Laverne would suit me fine though.

10. Right now I dream of travelling and having a peaceful apartment to come back to, with lots of plants and maybe a dog. I also dream of new (better) jobs, seeing people I love, getting good grades on my essays, and feeling more creative. I am excited for the summer (which technically starts for me in 2 months), but unsure what it will bring.

More stuff on this in my 'about me' section.

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  1. Hah! I listen to the same Harry Potter audiobooks when I'm really stressed out. Lovely blog!!

    1. They're amazing right? They always calm me down :) Thank-you!!

  2. I love 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' and 'Amelie' too :) And I'm exactly the same as you describe on #4! Have a nice day ☼

    1. Cool!!! I used to think I was a total Cristina, but I think now I am turning into a Vicky haha! Yeah #4 is a tricky one, but I am trying to think about asking for help as a strength :) Thanks so much for reading it! :)



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