Right now.

At the moment these are the things on my mind:


Getting better at academia (I feel I am rather inconsistent, and want to get better)

Film festivals

Summer plans (I will write a whole other blog post on this)

Trying to practice mindfulness

Want to start yoga

Trying to sort out my hair and skin to be healthy and happy

Wanting to regain my personal style (I feel I had this totally down aged 17, and am now a bit lost)

Dissertation for film (ideas going around my head)

Documentary ideas

Family. Alot.

Old friends, past lives.

Travelling (daydreaming about this ALOT)

Article ideas, and whether I can even pitch a story properly (the world of journalism is brutal)

Essays that I need to start

Exercise, and the fact I am doing none

Radio planning and I need to properly podcast my shows soon

University society awards / student politics in general (stressing me somewhat)

Trying to make more friends, and seem less scary/professional/intimidating/badly-dressed to others

That I would like to get back to playing the harp (clarsach) again

Why I get snappy sometimes, and wanting to let go of jealousy and competitiveness and anger (feeling alot of residual annoyance/anger towards particular people/things, and trying to work out why I am and how to let go of it).

Trying to work out a way to feel OK with living in Egham (just outside of London), and not feel too much anger towards the lifestyle here

Trying to stay sane

Worrying about global issues (Refugees, Zika, War...)

Hoping that the UK government stops making cuts to everything

Worrying about debt

Actually, just worrying generally

Hoping that I will get to work in Spain at this youth camp in July

Job applications / other applications

That I need to do laundry

Student media blabla

BBC's 'War & Peace' (I haven't finished watching it yet - no spoilers please!! :) )

Need to get music back into my life

Cooking more. Particularly enjoying chopped up fried potatoes (not particularly healthy, but not really super unhealthy either... (?) )

Any tips, thoughts or ideas are most welcome.

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