Summer of Strangeness: plans

So this summer is strange.
I've just finished my course, and it's the first time in a while that I haven't gone away somewhere exciting to work for the whole summer (summer of 2016 was Japan/Spain/Germany, summer of 2015 was Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia).
I have also just had a break up, just moved back to Edinburgh (with my parents), just finished studying (for now anyway), and just started a new job.
Lots of change.
So I am trying to keep myself busy, and build up a social group again, as well as plan a few things that I have been wanting to do for a while (like learn to make pottery, or start going swimming again).
Of course the weather has mostly been pretty rubbish (it is Scotland after-all), and as a self-proclaimed sun-worshipper, this has been rather tricky.
I have been back in Edinburgh for almost 2 months (it will be 2 months on the 9th of August).
Here is my plan for the next while, and if you have any suggestions please let me know.
As a true Edinburger born and bred, I was keen on writing a Guide to the Edinburgh Festival for tourists heading this way over the next weeks, so I will try to publish this over the next few days.
Mostly I have been doing job applications, organising my room (strangely therapeutic), and working part-time. I have also watched enough bad TV and YouTube videos to last a life-time.
I will update this schedule as my plans inevitably change and evolve, but the main things I am looking forward to are London next week, all the festival events I have booked during August, and Helsinki in early September.

(If any of you are Finnish or have been to Helsinki, I would love to get any tips for places to go etc!)


Herb Garden
Dance Class
St Boswells Bookshop 


Take One Action Job 
Graduation from Royal Holloway University of London - 14th
Dinner in Windsor - 14th
Work dinner - 25th
Cat cafe  (Maison De Moggy, Edinburgh) - 27th
Lighthouse Radical Bookshop, Edinburgh - 29th
New phone & laptop 


Take One Action Job 
Dinner with friends visiting Edinburgh
Train to London - 2nd 
Pre- birthday London drinks - 3rd 
Return to Edinburgh - 4th 
BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals:World on 3 - 4th
Birthday - 5th 
Lunch & drinks with friends visiting Edinburgh - 6th
BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals: In Tune - 7th 
Possibly Glasgow on the 9th
Craft Scotland Blog Event - 10th
Fish Restaurant, Glasgow - 10th 
Mary Contini & Pru Irvine @ Edinburgh Fringe - 11th 
Balkanarama - 11th
Edinburgh Book Festival - Rutger Bregman - 12th 
Ottolenghi cooking day - 13th 
Cuckoos Bakery Edinburgh - 15th 
In Transit at the Edinburgh Fringe - 15th 
Edinburgh Book Festival - BBC Radio 4 World Book Club - 15th 
Edinburgh Book Festival - BBC Radio 4 Front Row - 17th 
Work then go out? - 18th 
Edinburgh Book Festival - Zadie Smith - 19th 
BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals: Authors Live - 20th 
Lucas of Musselburgh brunch & walk - 20th 
IUSY International Summer School Peace and Conflict - Berlin? 20th-27th
BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals: Janice Forsyth - 21st
Possibly book club at Lighthouse books? - 22nd
Hopefully go and see: Blak Whyte & Gray / Lady Boys of Bangkok / Beckett @ Churchill
Lemon cake baking - 23rd 
(Possibly) BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals: Janice Forsyth - 24th
Craft Scotland Blogger event - 24th
Dinner in town? - 24th
Edinburgh Book Festival - Evan Davis - 24th 
BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals: The Verb - 25th
BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals: Festival Review - 25th
Edinburgh Book Festival - David Bellos - 26th 
Catch up with old school friends - 26th 
Glasgow for Dispossession film? - 28th
OR End of the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks at Princes St Gardens - 28th 
Driving Lessons?
Language classes?
Refugee Summer School Portugal? 27th-3rd Sept 
Amnesty International / NUS Student Media Conference in London - 29-30th
Harry Potter World in London? - 31st?
OR Book Fringe BookEnd Party at Lighthouse books? - 31st


Forest School Training? (Scotland)?
Leeds - 8th/9th 
Skye 15th-17th 
Keen to go to Sketch LondonTonight JosephineThe Breakfast Club, random bookshops & other nice bars / places.
Pottery making workshop?

Sauna & Swim?
NCTJ Diploma in Journalism Distance Learning
Art classes
Dance classes
Language classes

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