Favourites - Late June to Late August 2017

So apparently having a job can make the other bits of your life go weird.
Therefore this weekend I am taking time to do stuff for me.
Baths, tidying my room / sorting my stuff, meeting friends, going for a drink, watching series in my PJs all day etc.
As well as that, I will be getting back into this blog thing. Not because I feel any sense of duty towards you [dear reader. ha], as I am almost entirely sure that nobody reads this. No, it's more because it's a form of therapeutic waffling and arranging pictures nicely on a page. "Brain dump"-ing, if you will. (Even though I really hate that term. But you get what I mean).
Today at dinner I had a mini epiphany, that perhaps the reason I like blogging is to do with others witnessing my existence. Does that make sense? Like something people often talk about relationships and the comfort of them, is that you witness each-other exist. You are because others see that you are. Maybe this is all too philosophical and I should leave it for another time.

So anyway, here is some waffle about the things I have been liking or thinking about this summer, which you may or may not like. Either way, it isn't really my problem. (ha)

Morag Taylor Textiles
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My sister's friend from school studied art in Dundee and recently graduated in textiles. She has been making these gorgeous phone cases and I got one as soon as I could. Also her studio is gorgeous and I love all the other things she is making.
Her Instagram is here - https://www.instagram.com/moragjftaylor/
Her website is here - http://www.moragtaylor.com/
Some articles about her work are here and here

Dance Base

New plants in the garden
(potatoes, peas and carrots)

(there was an episode with dogs, alpacas, horses, falcons and bees which I liked)
& Gardeners World (I am officially old. Whatever)


Muesli (Alpen)

Dead Ringers on Radio 4

The Secret Herb Garden


Dawnie Perry and her very cool Instagram

Consented magazine

Satay sauce made by my aunt (need to get the recipe again)

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Co-op sea salt and black pepper crackers

My new Clarks shoes

Rose Lemonade by Fentimans

This https://the-architecture-store.myshopify.com/collections/tshirts-by-architects

The Fish People Cafe in Glasgow


Ugly Betty

Get Out (the film)

Baylis and Harding honey and vanilla (?) soap

Twister ice lollies

A film called 'Dancer' about Sergei Polunin

Zadie Smith

Reading again (especially reading Zadie Smith)

Sun Beam by Benefit

Discovering new cafes around the top of Leith Walk / end of Princes St.

In Transit - circus show at the Edinburgh Fringe

Stockbridge charity shops

Heart It


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