A little Glasgow Adventure

This weekend I had a trip to Glasgow to see some family, which was lovely and relaxing. A nice bonus was that I discovered a few things that I like / new favourites!

Kiehls hand cream

I think it was this one
It seemed to be cheaper on Space NK

Junip band
My sister had this playing in the bathroom on Sunday morning and I absolutely love it, so chill and relaxed. 

YSL Perfume - Black Opium
I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging, but we sprayed probably almost the whole tester bottle and I love it.

I definitely can't afford these, but I really liked
this watch

and this bag

Roam by 42 Maps
Especially the Paris Map

Warehouse Earrings
You can find the selection here, they seem to have some really cool designs right now.

I also saw some earrings I liked from a brand called Amity and Grace which I can't find online.

Claires, surprisingly, have some really nice little ear cuffs:
This one

and this one

I also discovered that magnetic phone holders for the car are a thing. We definitely need one in our car, I don't know why we never thought of it before!
I'm talking about something like this.

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