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Some of these things I discovered a few weeks ago, but I've been quite low and haven't really been writing / blogging / doing much really. (Tomorrow I will change that.)

I hope you enjoy browsing this little curation of things I've found on the internet recently, and that some of it is interesting, funny or helpful to you.

Anyway - here are the things I would really recommend -


Kim's Convenience on Netflix
Christine recommended it, and since I watched the first episode I have been hooked.
It is exactly the right level of 'light' that I need right now, and also really interesting as for me (as a Scottish girl who has always lived in Europe) to see a series made about a Korean family in Canada.
It's such a lovely and upbeat depiction of family life, and the differences between the generations / cultures. I found myself properly laugh-snorting out loud to myself, and I have completely binge-watched this over the last few days. I was so relieved to find out that a series 3 is in production.

I had some difficulties at the very beginning as I was not sure how 'politically correct' it is. I wasn't sure if I was laughing at the family or with them. One character in particular (Mr Kim's friend) took me some time to get used to, as the accent felt very 'put on'. But about half way through the first episode I relaxed into it and found it to be a funny, honest and kind depiction of the immigrant experience in Canada.
This is really worth a watch.

Emma Watson & Reni Eddo Lodge

Emma Watson and Caitlin Moran
(this isn't the whole thing, they seem to have divided it up into short clips)

The Pool - my life in objects series

Katherine Ryan
I actually came across her again recently while watching a bunch of The Pool videos, and couldn't stop laughing at her take on Christmas

Then I completely binge-watched Katherine Ryan on YouTube...

Sara Pascoe
...and then I binge-watched a bunch of Sara Pascoe...

Then YouTube's algorithm meant that it brought up a video of Jen Brister, and it was hilarious

French Cooking Academy YouTube channel
Especially this recipe for hot chocolate

This video on Facebook about ethnicity in ballet
and an article on The Pool about it too

Non shopping video by Ingrid
I am generally really happy to see this anti-haul trend on YouTube, as I feel that so much of YouTube is just massively excessive capitalism / consumerism. Ingrid explains it in a way that is 'do-able' for most people (that are maybe not as hard core hippy as some people)....


Femme podcast by Daisy Lowe (it's on Apple podcasts too)
I can't recommend one particular episode, because they all had their pros and cons. But in general I am having a real Daisy Lowe moment. I got a little obsessed with her, and I really like her chill down to earth vibe, which is mixed with a hint of mischief and liberation. I wish she would make another series!

The High Low episode on Marie Colvin & Journalism
I listen to The High Low podcast every week (and I find it problematic at times), but the episode which was an interview with the author of a biography of journalist Marie Colvin (called In Extremis written by Lindsey Hilsum) was amazing.
I really found it very inspiring to hear of a serious, brave and smart female journalist, who also had a complicated and exciting love life. Often you feel that as a woman you must be either intellectual, career focused and serious OR fun and sexually liberated. It was really refreshing to hear. She sounds like she was an exceptional woman and I can't wait to read the book.

BBC Radio 4 - Lianne Moriarty interview
Really good author interview, and I'm very keen to read the book.

Graham Norton's podcast
I'm still really obsessed with his Radio 2 show...

Viv Groskop's - Agony Aunt podcast 'Dear Viv'
I first heard Viv on the Penguin podcast about her book on Russia, but then I started to listening to her Agony Aunt podcasts and they are quite good. It's part of The Pool.

Ottolenghi Podcast

Late Night Women's Hour (also available on Apple podcasts)
I mostly only really like the ones that Lauren Laverne presents (I'm not sure how I feel about the other presenter Emma Barnett, I got quite annoyed at her on the episode about Kavanaugh and she seems quite conservative / anti-feminist or victim-blame-y, although I was impressed when she replaced Andrew Marr that one time)
In particular I liked the Lauren Laverne episodes:
Are you tree curious?
Birmingham Literary Festival
Apologies / Non Apologies 

The New Yorker Radio Hour 
This episode
The segment about Daniel Radcliffe and fact checking is the part I would recommend skipping to
( 37:24 - 46:24 )
...but the section on languages directly after the Daniel bit is pretty interesting too!

Mark Kermode on Film podcast

Guilty Feminist podcast
I love this anyway, but the episode I listened to on Friday was about Windrush (which I have just finished writing an essay on)
Really good stuff.

Also the guilty feminist podcast from Edinburgh Festival with Amnesty International (part 2) was very good - particularly the section at 1:09:27 which was a Syrian writer (/comedian?) - Steve Ali -  talking about his first encounter with music.

I started listening to this section as I got on the bus on the way home, and by the time I wasn't even half way I had already almost laughed out loud and also begun to hold back tears. I felt them welling up in my eyes without being able to control it and tried to pass it off as just itchy by rubbing them excessively. It was so beautiful. Maybe it struck a chord because I am half Irish and my dad is from Limerick (the same city The Cranberries are from), maybe because I am very immersed in reading about refugees at the moment and have met many Syrian refugees in the last few years myself, maybe it was because the lead singer of The Cranberries passed away while I was in Cuba this year - which was the same time that I my grief was still raw for my own magnificent friend. Maybe it was because I have been thinking more and more about getting back into playing my Clarsach (and feeling guilty that I have this privilege), or that I have not listened to music properly since February (as part of some strange self deprivation I do when very depressed). It reminded me how lucky we are here to have the freedom to listen to anything we want, and the access to do so to. The privilege of being able to learn an instrument if we like, and to live a life where we can express this. The Irish Troubles were not so long ago, and I feel scared about the future of The Irish Border because of Brexit. The tragic universality of war, and of innocent people being hurt, was so well expressed by this young man on this podcast. I've worked in Bosnia where I felt that in many ways the issues were the same as those in Ireland during The Troubles - divides along national/religious lines with fatal consequences. Maybe even just simply that the podcast was recorded in my home town. I don't know. Maybe I won't ever be able to explain to myself exactly why this piece was so beautiful to me. Just have a listen.


Changing my Mind - Zadie Smith
I have only just started this book, but I love it so far.

Bogota 39
Again, only just started this one, but it's a collection of short stories from Latin America. The first one is from Cuba and I really really liked it. (It was an extract from the novel Second Hand News by Carlos Manuel Alvarez, which I can't find anywhere online to buy in English! Maybe it's not been translated in its' entirety, but please do let me know if you know where I can get my hands on it.)


My new Keep Cup mug
I got a large one with the cork grip and I'm obsessed.

My new earrings
from Orion Jewellery on Depop 
I got the gold moon faces, the gold present wrapping bow ones (they will be my Christmas earrings this year), and a pair of hexagonal hoops in gold too.


Some articles to read
Historical photos put into colour. These are really amazing.
Locations that could be in a Wes Anderson film
Millennials & Mental Health
Loneliness & Freelance Life
This interview with Kim Joy from Bake Off - it's deeper than you might think.
I'm really angry about the poverty situation in the UK at the moment. Here are some articles to explain just how bad it is: here & here.

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