List of 5 September 2019

5 things you got from the grocery shop this week (or two):
– Courgette and Tomatoes
Barilla pasta (penne)
– Pain au chocolat
– Orange Juice
– A vanilla candle
5 episodes/films you’ve most recently seen:
– Friends (repeat watch)
– Queer Eye
– Miranda (It hasn't dated well... it's very 90s humour)
– Moonrise Kingdom (repeat watch)
– YouTube stuff (Damon & Jo, NotEvenFrench etc)
5 plans for this week:
– Work (including a team building and a talk from Reuters)
– Organise 
– Write
– Invite friends over at the weekend
– Study
5 things you ate/drank yesterday:
(don't remember)
5 places you haven’t been but want to go to:
– Armenia
– Kazakhstan
– Israel/Palestine
– Rome
– Morocco 
(Also New York, Washington, Lebanon, Naples, Shetland/Orkney, Canada, Fiji, Korea, Cadiz, Helsinki, Greenland, Romania, Georgia, Cyprus, Russia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Rwanda, Cayman Islands, Azores)
5 things you wish you could do:
(trying to focus on the positives)
5 (non friend) people you most recently followed on Instagram:
5 3 expressions you use more than most people:
– Brutal
– Weirdo
– Blob
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