How to make your own pasta


To begin you need flour. Most flour will do, but it works loads better with '00' pasta flour (you can get it in most supermarkets). You need around 100g per person.

Make a little well in the flour.


Put the eggs in the well (1 egg per person).
[so each serving is 100g flour and 1 egg]

Mix it in with a fork.


 Until it becomes dough-y enough to make into a ball. Then put it in some cling-film and leave for 30mins or so to rest.

After that you can either roll out the dough or use a pasta roller. (But I am trying to prove here that you don't need a pasta roller to make pasta ;) ) However - if you are using a rolling pin, you need to work your muscles a bit...

Make it as thin as you can (like the thickness of 2 playing cards) and cut into rectangles. Then pinch the middle for pretty bows ('farfalle' in Italian).



 Let them dry out for another 20 mins or so and then you can cook them like normal pasta in boiling water.

Bad Italian-restaurant-style music is optional.

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  1. I've never felt comfortable with this particular shape of pasta, purely because they look like wee grumpy faces. I'm sure I can't be alone in this. They taste fine, but the pareidolia really unnerves me.



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