What is it?:  Danish political drama. Kind-of Scandinavian 'West Wing' - but better.

Why should I watch it?: Because it's better than 'West Wing'. Really stylish and the acting's not bad either. Oh and Brigitte sports a rather fantastic 'power-bun'.

You've not persuaded me yet: Ok, well it has a slightly different vibe from the British/US drama we are used to seeing on our screens, with interesting lighting/camera angles. Effortlessly done. Strong female characters (which is refreshing), with a snappy and tactfully written script. Addictive viewing and explores some interesting issues through the medium of political back-stabbing and dysfunctional personal life in the background. Plus you might pick up a bit of Danish.

Ok, sounds interesting. Why is it particularly relevant now?: Well, when was the last time you watched something Danish? Quite interesting to have a regularly shown tv series in another language in the context of the prospect of a segregated Europe. It also demonstrates that in a relatively liberal society, women in politics is still an issue.

Sounds like a bit of a femi-fest. Why would guys want to watch it?: It's not. It just covers some of those issues. It's mostly about the interesting political and inter-personal relationships that go on behind the scenes of a high-pressured government, with a touch of humanity. Besides, Katrine isn't bad looking.

Ok, you got me hooked. When is next series going to be on?: Series 2 is already airing in Denmark so presumably will be available outside Denmark shortly.

Heart It


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